Application Settings

Your Application Settings contain different tabs that are used to define multiple displays, your default symbol (used when opening a new panel), global fonts and theme color, your trading providers and account credentials, and workspace restore options.

Tabs include: Additional Displays, Application Settings, Display, Trading Preferences, Trading Providers, and Workspace.

Change Application Settings

  1. Click the Application Menu in the upper right-corner of the application and select Settings.
    Result: The Settings dialog box opens, with six tabs from which to choose.
  2. Open the desired tab (see below). Additional Displays, Application Settings, Display, Trading Providers, or Workspace.
  3. Make your desired changes, then click Close.

Additional Displays Tab

Your Active Displays appear at the top of the tab. Double-click to show the display, right-click to manage a display, or click the + button to add a display (maximum of four.) Learn more about managing additional Displays.

Option Description
Show 'Display Docked' Message When checked, a message will briefly appear when you close a display (click the X in the top right corner). Clicking the X does not delete the display, it Docks it.
Show 'Display Deleted' Message When checked, a message will appear when you delete the display.
Reset location for Displays When clicked, all displays will move to the same screen display as the main application.


Application Settings Tab

The Application Settings tab allows you to set a defaults for Trader (default symbol and date format). You can also reset your account from this tab.

Option Description
Default Symbol for new panels The default symbol will be used as the symbol for any new panels you create.

Note: You can always change the default symbol when adding a new panel. We recommend that you use a futures symbol shortcut when using a futures symbol, vs. entering a specific commodity month and year (as the symbol will eventually expire).

Example: Use SP*1 vs SPH14
Global timezone identify the timezone to use for displaying times. Choose from Local, Exchange, Chicago, or New York.
Time format Identify the format in which time should be displayed. Choose from 24 hour (14:45:04) or 12 hour (2:45:04 PM)
Reset Account If you wish to permanently remove all of your workspaces and account settings, use the Reset Account button. Once an account is reset, you will not be able to restore any of the settings, as it reverts the application back to its default (installed) settings.

Reset Account
Clear Local Cache Your cache stores temporary files and is used to shorten data access time. If the application slows or becomes unresponsive, Support may advise you to clear your local cache. This does NOT remove your workspaces or any of your custom settings.

Clear Cache

Display Tab

The Display tab is used to set the overall look and feel of the application, including the font and font size, and theme (light or dark).

Note: Font, font size, and background color can also be changed on individual panels.

Option Description
Global font The font used by the application.
Global font size Choose the font size to use when creating new panels.
Theme Choose from a light or dark theme.


Trading Preferences Tab

This tab is used to configure your trading actions. You can also customize your trade notifications. Learn more about the trading preferences settings, or how to customize trade notifications.

Trading Providers Tab

This tab is used to configure your paper and live trading provider accounts. Learn more about trading provider settings.

Workspace Tab

The Workspaces tab is used to create a backup copy of your workspaces. It is also used to restore your workspaces from a specific backup copy you've created.

Learn more about workspace backups and restores.