A workspace is used to store and organize all the content you want to view. A workspace can contain multiple panels - windows that contain specific data such as a quoteboard, chart, news, etc.

Workspaces are accessed using "tabs" located along the bottom left portion of the application. Once you open a workspace, its tab color will change to indicate it's the "Active" workspace.


Workspaces are automatically divided horizontally or vertically to add new content panels. Once panels are added, you may grab the edges of a panel to resize it in the workspace.

Rename Workspace

  1. Double-click on the Workspace tab you wish to rename. (Workspace tabs are located at the bottom left of the application.)
    Result: The Workspace name is highlighted.
  2. Type a new Workspace name, and press Enter when done.


    Right-click on the Workspace tab you wish to rename, type the new name, and press Enter when done.

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