Contact Support

If you have a technical problem while working on Barchart Trader or have a question for our Support Group, you can send a support request directly from the application. When you do so, the application attaches important data to help us better identify and respond to the issue you may be having.

  1. Click the Application Menu Application Menu in the upper right-corner of the application.
  2. Choose Contact Support.
  3. In the Issue description field, enter a thorough description of the problem you are experiencing, or the question you have.
  4. If the phone number listed is not the number we can reach you at, please correct the information.
  5. If the issue is something visible on your workspace, it is always helpful for Technical Support to see what you are seeing. You can automatically attach one or more images of your workspace by clicking the "Capture Workspace Screen" button.

    Note: If you've captured screenshots, but want to clear them and start over, click the "Clear Screenshots" button before proceeding.
  6. Click Submit Support Request.


You may also submit your comments and suggestions here.