Equations / Spread Charts

You can add a pane to a chart with a predefined spread, or add a pane with your own custom equation. You may choose from a number of popular equations, such as Calendar, Crush, Crack, BOB or Butterfly Spread, or you can enter your own custom formula. A Spread chart takes the closing price for the time period selected, and draws a line chart.

Custom Equations are built using the four operators: + - for addition and subtraction and * / for multiplication and division. You may also use parentheses to change the order in which the calculations are performed, as multiplication and division naturally rank higher in the order in which operations are performed. Example:

A+2*B/C is the same equation as A+(2*B)/C but is an entirely different equation from (A+2)*(B/C)

Note: The * is a reserved character, used to indicate multiplication. Use the "hat" ^ symbol in its place when entering shortcuts for a commodity symbol. Example: ES^1 (and not ES*1)

Add an Equation

  1. Click the Settings button on the top right of the chart, and select Enter Equation.


    Right-click on the chart and select Enter Equation.
    Result: The Equations dialog box appears.
  2. Select from the Popular Equations list, or click in the Equation area, remove the information displayed, and type your own custom equation.
  3. Click Add when done.