Quote Settings

Settings are used to define the Fields / Field Order for the Quote panel.

Change Quote Settings

  1. Click the | Action menu, found in the top right corner of the quote, and select Settings.
    Result: The Quote Settings dialog box opens.
  2. In the Fields tab, make your desired changes, then click Save.

Fields Tab

Use the Fields tab to add or remove data fields to display, or to reorder the fields on the quote panel. For a full list of available fields, see the Quote Panel Fields / Columns topic.

Available Fields (those not currently displayed in the panel) are listed on the left, and Selected Fields (those already displayed in the panel) are shown on the right.

  • Select a field and use either the left or right arrow to move it between the Available and Selected area. The double left and right arrows move ALL fields.
  • For fields in the Selected area, you can reorder them using the up and down arrows. First, select a field, then click one of the 4 arrows to move it. Arrow controls will either move the selection to the top, up one, down one, or to the bottom.