Set Up Your Default Chart Style

Trader's default chart panel is a Daily Candlestick chart, with the Volume study added. This style of chart, however, may not be your trading preference. It is desirable to create your own default chart style, so that every new chart panel added uses the settings that you prefer.

Create Your Default Chart Style

The first step is to create a chart panel that uses all the characteristics you desire:

  1. Click the + icon in the bottom right corner of your workspace to open the Panel Chooser.
  2. From the General grouping, select Chart.
  3. Click Add to Workspace and place the chart on your workspace.
  4. Proceed to customize the chart by changing the Chart Style, the Time Range and Interval, and any other Chart Properties.
  5. Add any desired Studies.

Next, create a template using the chart you've customized, and set the template as your Default Chart Template.

  1. Click the Action Menu at the top right of the chart panel, and select Create Template.
  2. In the Template Name field, enter a description/name for the template.
  3. Check the Set as Default checkbox.
  4. Click Save.
    Result: Any new chart panel created will use the settings from this default template.


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