Shortcut Keys

Barchart Trader contains a number of keyboard shortcuts to make using the application easier. A list of these shortcuts can be viewed either by pressing the ? key, or by clicking the Application Menu (top right corner of the application) and then selecting Help.

Keyboard Shortcut Keys include:

Key Command Description
Application Commands:  
? Display Keyboard Keys Help
ESC Close Window
CTRL + SHIFT + Plus Temporarily increase application scale
CTRL + SHIFT + Minus Temporarily decrease application scale
CTRL + SHIFT + F Toggle Full-screen mode
Workspace Commands:  
F1 Show the Panel Selector
F2 Show Symbol Search
F3 Create New Workspace
F4 Launch new chart
F5 Launch new quote
F6 Launch price alerts
Trading Commands:  
F7 Launch order ticket
F8 Launch DOM trader
F9 Launch order summaries
Panel Commands (all panels):
F11 Maximize / restore the active panel
F12 Copy image of active panel to clipboard
CTRL + Up / Down arrow Toggle HistoryFor panels that show only one symbol (Quote, Time & Sales, etc.), this allows you to toggle between other symbols that you've recently viewed in this panel.

When you use the up/down arrows to select one of the symbols displayed, the panel is activated with the selected symbol.