Quoteboard Settings

Settings are used to define the symbols, columns / column order, display, and colors for the Quote panel.

Change Quoteboard Settings

  1. Click the | Action menu, found in the top right corner of the quoteboard, and select Settings.
    Result: The Quoteboard Settings dialog box opens, with four tabs from which to choose.
  2. Open the desired tab.
  3. Make your desired changes, then click Save.

Symbols Tab

Choose the symbols to include on the quoteboard.

Add a Symbol

  • Enter the symbol in the text box at the top, and click the +
    : The symbol is added to the BOTTOM of the list.

Remove a Symbol

  • Select the symbol from the list, then click the - button to the right.

Reorder Symbols

  • Select a symbol and use one of the arrow controls on the right. Arrow controls will either move the selection to the top, up one, down one, or to the bottom.

Columns Tab

Use the Columns tab to add or remove data fields to display, or to reorder the columns on the quoteboard panel. For a full list of available fields, see the Quoteboard Panel Fields / Columns topic.

Available Columns (those not currently displayed in the panel) are listed on the left, and Selected Columns (those already displayed in the panel) are shown on the right.

  • Select a column and use either the left or right arrow to move it between the Available and Selected area. The double left and right arrows move ALL columns.
  • For columns in the Selected area, you can reorder them using the up and down arrows. First, select a column, then click one of the 4 arrows to move it. Arrow controls will either move the selection to the top, up one, down one, or to the bottom.

Display Tab

Choose options for column sizing, grids, font, font weight, and font size for any of the options shown below. For the font, the word "Preview" will automatically adjust as you make your changes.

Option Description
Column Sizing Determines how the width of each column is set. Choose from:
  • Auto
  • Exact
  • Manual
Fonts Set the font face, style, and size.
Show Horizontal Grid Determines whether a horizontal line displays between each row.
Show Vertical Grid Determines whether a vertical line displays between each column.


Colors Tab

Use the Colors tab to determine how updates to the quoteboard should be displayed.

Option Description
Coloring Mode Controls what object will be colored when new data is received into a cell
  • Cell Foreground (the text will change color)
  • Cell Background
Flash Color Depending on the option chosen above, set the color used to identify new data received in a cell.