Lock / Unlock Workspace Content

Once you've arranged panels on a workspace, you may want to lock the contents to prevent further changes to the workspace layout.

Three Levels of Locking

Unlocked Unlocked - Panels may be added, deleted, moved on the workspace.

Locked Locked - Separators between panels are locked. You cannot resize or move panels on the workspace. You may, however, add new panels to the workspace, or delete panels from the workspace. When you do so, the workspace is automatically changed to "Unlocked".

All Locked All Locked - When this setting is used, separators between panels are locked, and the Action Menu Action Menu and all toolbars are removed from each panel in the workspace. Removal of the Action Menu means that panels may not be deleted. Using this lock level can be a great way to remove clutter and distractions so you can focus on the data.

Lock / Unlock Workspace

  1. Click the Lock icon, found in the lower right corner of the workspace, until the icon changes to the desired level of locking.

    Result: The panel borders will briefly flash red, indicating the workspace is locked.