Futures Symbol Shortcuts

Use these shortcuts when entering a Futures Symbol. When contracts expire, the application will automatically roll the contracts over to the new front months. This provides "automatic maintenance" for your large futures watchlists.

* Shortcut

  • C*1 (SP*1, etc.) will return the front month for the specified commodity code
  • C*2 will return the second month out for the specified commodity code
  • SP*3 will return the third month out for the specified commodity code
  • GC*4 will return the fourth month out for the specified commodity code
  • GC*0 - Many futures contracts (such as Gold) have a "most active contract" ... a contract where most of the trading is focused, which is not necessarily the front month. For the current active contract, enter the root followed by *0.

# Shortcut

You may also use the # character to add multiple months of futures contracts to a quoteboard.

  • ZC#4 adds the first four front months of CBOT Corn to your quoteboard
  • NG#6 adds the first six front months of NYMEX Natural Gas to your quoteboard