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Introducing Workspaces

Choose from the panels below to configure any combination of charts, quoteboards, symbol data, news, weather and more.

Save your panel arrangements as templates to quickly apply to multiple symbols. Saving templates to your profile allows you to view saved workspaces from any app on your desktop, ipad, or mobile device.

Pre-configured Settings
Browse through our pre-configured workspace templates to quickly view popular quoteboards and charts.

Simple UI
Drag-and-Drop panels into a comfortable viewing layout or move workspaces across multiple monitors for maximum coverage.

Configure your theme:
Grid or Table Layout
Drag-and-drop Columns
Customize Fields
Change Fonts
Change Colors

General Panels

Quote Panel


View the latest income statement, ratios and other essential fundamental data

Tab Panel

Tab Panel

Add 2 or more panels to the same panel to create a tabbed layout

Extended Quote Panel

Extended Quote

5-day Price History, Highs & Lows

Technical Opinion Panel

Technical Opinion

Buy/Sell Signals based on 13 Technical Indicators - short, medium and long-term

Leaderboards Panel


Best performing symbols based on Volume, %Chg, Volatility or Highs/Lows

Chart Panel


Interactive real-time chart with customizable studies and drawing tools

Time & Sales Panel

Time & Sales

Real-time trading activity and historical data

Technical Quote Panel

Technical Quote

Moving Averages, Raw Stochastics, Relative Strength, and more

Price Alerts

Price Alerts

Set price alerts to be notified in real-time via text/email when triggered.

Quoteboard Panel


Easily modify fields and columns with the drag-and-drop interface or add your favorite symbols

Options Panel


Calls and Puts table with stacked or side-by-side views. View Delta, Gamma, Vega, Theta, Rho, Implied Volatility and more.

Grain Bid Panel

Grain Bids

Look up cash grain bids and basis for corn, soybeans and wheat from over 4,000 grain elevator locations across the US and Canada

Futures Panels

Options Calculator Panel

Options Calculator

Theoretical Price, Greeks, Implied Volatility

Market Depth Panel

Market Depth Ladder

See the full Depth of Market in a traditional DOM ladder

Forward Curve Panel

Forward Curves

Chart today's forward curve as well as historical snapshots

Spread Matrix Panel

Spread Matrix

See the calendar spreads and forward market carry

Market Depth Panel

Market Depth

Get the full book of up to 10 best Bids and Asks, including Size

Traded Spreads Panel

Traded Spreads

Quickly find all calendar and inter-commodity spreads

Seasonals Panel


Compare up to 10 years of historical instruments on a single chart

Trading Panels

Accounts / Positions Panel

Accounts / Positions

Manage your current book, available margin and Open Trade Equity

Account Details Panel

Account Details

Get up to the minute information on account balances, purchasing power, OTE and more

Order Ticket Panel

Order Ticket

Modify and verify your order parameters including size, order type, limit price and account

Orders / Fills Panel

Order / Fills

Manage your open orders and order fills across multiple accounts

DOM Trader Panel

Dom Trader

When entering a Limit, Stop, or Stop Limit Order, set the price manually or use the new DOM Ladder to view current activity. With the DOM Ladder open, click on the price you want to set as your desired price.

Fixed Quoteboard Panels

Currencies Quoteboard Panel


Most popular Forex instruments for major currency pairs

Energies Quoteboard Panel


Most popular contracts for Crude Oil, Natural Gas, Ethanol and other energy commodities

Grains Quoteboard Panel


Most popular contracts for Corn, Beans, Wheat and other grains

Livestock Quoteboard Panel


Most popular livestock contracts

Softs Quoteboard Panel


Most popular contracts for Coffee, Sugar, Cocoa, Cotton and other soft commodities

Forex Spot Rates Quoteboard Panel

Forex Spot Rates

Foreign exchange rates for most popular currency pairs

Indices Quoteboard Panel


Most popular instruments for major market indices

Metals Quoteboard Panel


Most popular contracts for precious and semi-precious metals

News & Weather Panels

Weather Map Panel

Weather Map

Use the interactive map to see radar, rainfall accumulation, temperature and precipitation forecasts

Current Weather Panel

Current Weather

Get current weather observations by zip code

News Panel


Select from a wide variety of industry leading sources, and filter by symbol and keyword. Including: Dow Jones, Associated Press, Canadian Press, USDA, cmdty by Barchart, Business Wire, MarketWired, PR Newswire and more.

Panel Tools

Instrument Profile Panel

Instrument Profile

Check the main parameters of any futures contract, including Root Symbol, Exchange, Instrument Size, Tick Size, Trading Hours and more.

Historical Data Panel

Historical Data

Pull history on any instrument in a tabular form, and export to Excel for analysis, modeling, reporting or backtesting. Instantly access tick, minute and end-of-day market data.

Symbol Search Panel

Symbol Search

Start typing on any screen to open the search dialog and search by suggested results, Popular Futures or Popular Indices. Once you find the symbol you want you can create a new Quoteboard or Chart directly from the search dialog.

Other Features

Activity Report

View a breakdown of all your recent and current activity on an easy-to-navigate Reports page. View Position Summary to see real-time positions and account balances. The Order Summary shows all working and filled orders. Export this data to your desktop (in .csv format) to keep track of all your trades.

Portfolio Manager

Portfolio Manager is a streamlined account, position and order history management tool. Get details on account balances and margin requirements, as well as current open positions with realized and unrealized P&L. Use hot keys for reversing or closing out positions and export your trading activity directly from the app.

Simulated Trading

Learn a wide variety of trading strategies, expand investing knowledge and reach to grow professionally as an investor

DDE (Export Quoteboard)

Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE) allows applications to share data. Now, Windows users can use DDE in Barchart Trader to export any quoteboard or fixed quoteboard to Microsoft Excel, OpenOffice Calc, or LibreOffice Calc, and auto-update the spreadsheet in real time as Barchart Trader gets new data.

Trading Notifications

A visual or audio alert that some activity has occurred in your trading account. For users handling multiple trading accounts, you can now set different notifications by account or trade type.

Multiple Accounts View

Monitor all trading activities, positions and orders for multiple accounts at one time with our color-coded order ticket system


View the latest income statement, ratios and other essential fundamental data for equities, including market capitalization, growth rates, earnings per share, P/E ratio, beta and other key values.

Public Company Overviews

Get public company overviews and key financial highlights and ratios, including sector, industry, revenue, net income, dividends, earnings per share, P/E ratio and more