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Getting Started

For a detailed description of all our product features, please visit our Online Help Guide.

Online Help Guide
System Requirements

Internet: High-speed internet access (cable/DSL/fiber)
Memory: 4GB (8GB recommended)
Processor: Intel i5 or equivalent (i7 recommended)
Disk space: 1GB

Operating Systems:
Windows: 10, 8 and 7
Mac OS X: 10.5 or higher
Ubuntu: 10.04 or higher

Barchart Trader runs on almost all desktop operating systems, and no separate Java installations or software updates are required. Trader has its own runtime engine and updates itself automatically.

In order to install Barchart Trader to a Mac you will need to adjust the computer's settings, please see the following Apple Support Article to reference how to override these controls.

Configure Firewall

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User Permissioning:

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Symbol Lookup Services:

Technical Downloads

Trader Default (1400 MB): Download

Trader Low Memory (512 MB): Download

Trader High Memory* (3024 MB): Download
*will not work on 32-bit machines