In addition to improved communication and negotiation, Marketplace allows us to keep our brand in front of producers, helping us grow and drive market share.

- Jake Wetter

Merchandiser at Little Sioux Corn Processors

Little Sioux Corn Processors

How Little Sioux Corn Processors Conveniently Connects With Their Producers

MeetLittle Sioux Corn Processors

Little Sioux Corn Processors (LSCP) is a 162 million gallon per year corn ethanol facility located in Northwest, Iowa that has been in operation since 2003. The Little Sioux Corn Processors plant buys 54 million bushels of corn annually to produce 162 million gallons of ethanol, 345,000 tons of dried distillers’ grains equivalent and over 58 million pounds of distillers’ corn oil.


LSCP was looking for a single data and technology provider that could supply them with a variety of solutions. They were in need of a hosted desktop and mobile website, content such as quotes, charts, weather and news, text and email alerts, and lastly a convenient way to connect and communicate with farmers.

Enter Barchart

LSCP found that Barchart could deliver the best solutions for each of their demands. With a hosted website from Barchart, not only can they provide their customers with a desktop and mobile site, but they also receive all of the content they need to keep their customers informed. Thanks to Barchart, LSCP’s website is equipped with market information, weather, news, and market commentary. So their customers can really make sure they’re up to speed, through Barchart’s alert service, LSCP can provide them with text and email updates throughout the day.

LSCP wanted to take the quality of communication with their customers one step even further, so they decided that they should also deploy their very own Barchart Marketplace App. With their very own custom, branded mobile app, their producers have access to critical pieces of data through almost any device, the ability to view LSCP cash bids, submit cash offers, view contracts and tickets, receive push notifications or setup custom alerts, and can chat one-on-one with LSCP.

“With our own custom app, communication with our producers is more convenient than ever,” said Jake Wetter, Merchandiser at Little Sioux Corn Processors. “In addition to improved communication and negotiation, Marketplace allows us to keep our brand in front of producers, helping us grow and drive market share,” added Wetter.

“At Barchart, we aim to improve our customers’ workflows,” said Keith Petersen, Head of Strategy at Barchart. “Marketplace helps our customers, just like Little Sioux Corn Processors do exactly that by allowing them to chat with their farmers and make offers directly through the software they use everyday, tying together the entire grain merchandiser workflow in one place,” added Petersen.

LSCP values the fact that Marketplace ties into Barchart's flagship market data platform, cmdtyView. cmdtyView allows them to receive access to real time markets, transact physical grain, and execute hedge orders. Through the combination of both cmdtyView and Marketplace, they have the ability to correspond directly with their producers and accept offers generated by those producers.

Equipped with a website full of useful information and a custom app, Little Sioux Corn Processors will be able to grow and better their business.

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