We found the process of integrating Barchart's market data services efficient, given that Barchart's solutions are very compatible with Net Alpha's technology.

- Eyal Mizrahi

CEO, and Co-Founder of Net Alpha

How Net Alpha Provides Procurement and Supply Chain Management Organizations Data from Leading Commodity Exchanges

Meet Net Alpha

Net Alpha has developed a suite of software tools that help buyers and sellers of raw materials realize digital transformation with minimal investment. The company's materialx platform transforms how raw materials with variable and negotiated prices are evaluated, transacted, and settled. The services include materialx Decision Support for procurement and supply chain management organizations that wish to maximize the strategic value of raw material pricing data and collaborative decisions, as well as materialx Sales Engine, a transactional white label platform designed for raw material producers, distributors, and brokers that look to grow revenues by deploying a competitive online presence and transactional interfaces.


The goal of Net Alpha’s materialx Decision Support service, which launched in March 2022, is to transform the way procurement organizations make their raw material purchasing decisions. The service allows procurement and supply chain management organizations of companies in various industries to stay informed about changes in raw material pricing, automatically track forward price curves, make collaborative decisions utilizing market data, and capture organizational knowledge regarding the usage of pricing data. In order to do this, Net Alpha needed to find a powerful data provider to back them up.

Enter Barchart

After their thorough search for the most fitting data provider, Barchart came out on top. Net Alpha now utilizes Barchart’s getQuote and getHistory APIs so they can provide data from leading commodity exchanges worldwide to their customers.

“We found the process of integrating Barchart's market data services efficient, given that Barchart's solutions are very compatible with Net Alpha's technology,” said Eyal Mizrahi, CEO, and Co-Founder of Net Alpha. “The modularity of Barchart’s data now integrated into our new service, allows us to adapt easily according to the requests and needs of our manufacturing customers, that in many cases haven’t had access to exchange data in a format that fits their business processes. In addition, the support that we've been receiving from Barchart has been excellent as we've been integrating Barchart data into the tools and workflows that we've designed into the Decision Support service,” added Mizrahi.

“At Barchart, we know that meeting the needs of our clients’ customers comes first for them,” said Mark Wator, Head of Sales at Barchart. “That’s why we strive to make our APIs easy-to-use and as flexible as possible, so they have more time to focus on what matters most,” added Wator.

Now that Net Alpha is equipped with the data they need to enable the materialx Decision Support business, the company can set out to transform the way the manufacturers make well-informed data-driven purchasing decisions in the future.

To learn more about Net Alpha’s materialx Decision Support, please visit https://n-alpha.com/solutions/decision-support/.

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