Barchart’s Market Replay allows us to better backtest our strategies to ensure our trading plans are profitable and our workflows are productive.

- Manu Agarwal

Managing Director, Technology at Rosenblatt Securities

How Rosenblatt Securities Implements Superior Trading Plans for Their Clients

Meet Rosenblatt Securities

Beginning as an independent NYSE floor broker in 1979, Rosenblatt Securities established a simple goal, to help clients prosper by offering conflict-free advice and execution services. Since then, Rosenblatt has adapted to changing times and diversified. Today, Rosenblatt is the industry’s largest floor broker, a provider of top-notch agency program-trading services, a leader in market-structure analysis, a source of differentiated equity research on the TMT sector, and an award-winning FinTech and TMT investment banking boutique. But one thing remains the same, their passion for improving the capital markets.


In order to manage risk, work more efficiently, and make the best decisions possible for their clients to succeed, Rosenblatt Securities was looking for a reliable market data provider. They needed this provider to be able to offer an array of both real-time and historical data for internal use across the firm.

Enter Barchart

Rosenblatt decided that Barchart would be the perfect fit since they would be able to provide them with the precise data they needed. Rosenblatt now uses Barchart’s real-time and streaming market data so they can stay up-to-date on the markets. With this data they can analyze the markets clearly to help implement superior trading plans for their clients.

In addition to real-time data, Rosenblatt uses Barchart’s Market Replay, which provides them with historical market data right at their fingertips. This easily accessible data allows them to manage risk, create effective trading strategies, and work more efficiently.

“To reduce operational stress, we decided to go with Barchart’s hosted solution where we don’t have to worry about feed maintenance,” said Manu Agarwal, Managing Director, Technology at Rosenblatt Securities. “In addition, Barchart’s Market Replay allows us to better backtest our strategies to ensure our trading plans are profitable and our workflows are productive,” added Agarwal.

“At Barchart, we are dedicated to helping our customers improve the efficiency and quality of their business,” said Mark Wator, Head of Sales, Financial & Media. “With Market Replay, we can ensure that our clients are receiving the easiest access to the best data possible to enhance every facet of their company,” added Wator.

With access to high-quality data and improved workflows, risk management, and strategies, Rosenblatt Securities - and their clients - can continue to prosper.

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