Barchart is my number one trusted source when it comes to market data to power my analysis.

- Darin Newsom

President of Darin Newsom Analysis

How Darin Newsom Conducts His Analysis in Order to Provide Accurate Market Commentary

Meet Darin Newsom

Darin Newsom, President of Darin Newsom Analysis, is an analyst and market commentator who, over the last 30-plus years, has built his very own way of analyzing markets. His mission is to not tell his audience something is important when it isn’t, but instead keep them informed on his read of what the market is trying to tell them. His idea has always been to make commentary not only informative, but entertaining as well. Through Darin Newsom Analysis, Darin offers market commentary, analysis, and studies. Darin also contributes his commentary to as well as being featured on monthly Barchart webinars.


In order to conduct his analysis accurately and provide the most reliable commentary possible, Darin was in search of a data provider that he could trust to supply him with powerful data and a platform that he could count on. In addition to writing commentary, Darin would be using this platform and data to power his participation in on-air radio and webinar interviews regarding the markets.

Enter Barchart

Darin found that Barchart had the best solution to fit his requirements and Darin now uses cmdtyView Pro for all of his market analysis. Within the platform, he relies heavily on Barchart’s proprietary information such as basis indexes, grain price benchmarks, and yield forecast indexes. These indexes allow him to get a read on the market currently as well as in the past so he can create his own models for what the markets will be doing in the future.

“Barchart is my number one trusted source when it comes to market data to power my analysis,” said Darin Newsom, President of Darin Newsom Analysis. “cmdtyView acts as a convenient one-stop-shop for me where I can access all of the wide-ranging information that I need, and their data is so accurate and reliable, I trust it far more than USDA data,” added Newsom.

“Creating quality, long-lasting relationships with other industry experts and leaders is a top priority at Barchart,” said Michael Browne, Head of Commodities at Barchart. “It’s our pleasure to work with Darin and to power his market analysis so he can provide his impressive commentary and insights with his large audience,” added Browne.

With a dependable platform equipped with precise data, Darin can provide his audience with market insight they can trust.

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