We highly recommend working with Barchart for any website or mobile app that needs stock market prices.

- Matt Paulson

Founder of MarketBeat

How MarketBeat Provides Valuable Market Information to Their Newsletter Subscribers and Website Visitors

Meet MarketBeat

MarketBeat was founded in 2011 with the mission of creating high-quality stock research tools and making them available to investors at all levels. The team set out to create the most accurate and most comprehensive datasets of analyst recommendations, dividend declarations, earnings announcements, insider transactions and other financial data points. MarketBeat now offers a variety of free market calendars and a free daily email newsletter called MarketBeat Daily Ratings, a premium daily newsletter that offers investors an easy way to keep track of what is happening with their stocks, and their All Access subscribers have access to a suite of advanced research tools that they can use to analyze their portfolio and research potential investments.


In order to provide valuable information to their newsletter subscribers and website visitors, MarketBeat needed to find a data provider that they could rely on to supply them with this valuable information. In addition to listing this information on their website, MarketBeat wanted to be able to use this data to identify market scans and reports that their subscribers would find interesting.

Enter Barchart

MarketBeat discovered that Barchart would be the best provider for the job. MarketBeat now uses delayed pricing data provided by Barchart for major global stock exchanges for its website and newsletters. In addition to reporting prices directly on their website, MarketBeat is able to utilize Barchart's data in order to spot specific market scans and reports that investors find fascinating, such as 52-week highs, gaps up and down and stocks with high volatility.

“We're very happy with the quality of service we have received from Barchart's data feeds,” said Matt Paulson, Founder of MarketBeat. “We have not experienced any downtime and their API's are very easy to work with. We highly recommend working with Barchart for any website or mobile app that needs stock market prices,” added Paulson.

“Our goal is to improve the workflows and businesses of our clients,” said Mark Haraburda, CEO of Barchart. “We take pride in providing our clients with the tools and data they need to power their websites, apps, or charts to do so,” added Haraburda.

Equipped with the important information they need to keep their subscribers informed and interested, MarketBeat will be able to continue growing their audience and their business for years to come.

To learn more about MarketBeat, please visit www.marketbeat.com.

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