Today, 10 years later, we are still a very happy customer of Barchart and we are impressed with the reliability of the API.

- Aldwin Keppens

Co-Founder of ChartMill

How ChartMill Creates Their Own Derived Datasets for Their Users with Reliable Market Data

Meet ChartMill

For every stock ChartMill covers on their website, they provide a detailed technical and fundamental analysis which can be consulted by their users. Next to these reports, they also give an overview of all available technical and fundamental indicators and ratios, including their own proprietary ratings. In addition to ChartMill’s sector and stock chart tools, the heart of their website is the stock screener, which allows users to find, filter, and sort stocks on a wide range of technical or fundamental properties.


In order to create the tools they have available for their users, ChartMill needed a solid source of market data with a large, diverse offering. Since they were going to use this data to create their own derived datasets (indicators and ratios), accuracy, stability, and availability were of the utmost importance when it came to finding a data provider.

Enter Barchart

ChartMill has now been implementing market data from Barchartinto their website and datasets since 2012. ChartMill did explore other options but determined that Barchart was able to provide them with the most accurate, trustworthy data feed for their use case.

“Today, 10 years later, we are still a very happy customer of Barchart and we are impressed with the reliability of the API,” said Aldwin Keppens, Co-Founder of ChartMill. “Barchart has an excellent support team, which was available when we were setting up our solution, and has remained readily available whenever we need it,” added Keppens.

“At Barchart, we truly value the relationships we have with our clients,” said Mark Wator, Head of Sales at Barchart. “That’s why customer service and problem-solving are always our top priority - whether you’ve been a customer for one month or one decade,” added Wator.

ChartMill has relied on Barchart for a decade and will continue to prosper for decades more with reliable APIs powering their products.

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