This partnership extends our reach to a new set of customers who value the exceptional tools and vast user community offered on the Barchart platform.

- Jacob Harmon

Managing Director of Data Services

Evolution Markets

How Evolution Markets Expanded The Reach of Their Energy and Environmental Pricing Data to a Larger Audience

MeetEvolution Markets

Evolution Markets provides strategic financial and industry-leading transactional services to participants in global environmental markets and the energy sector. Formed in 2000, the company has become the green markets leader, leveraging its unrivaled experience and knowledge to create end-of-day pricing products covering the global carbon, U.S. emissions, renewable energy, and oil, coal, natural gas, power, and nuclear fuel markets. Based in White Plains, NY, Evolution Markets serves clients on six continents from offices in New York, Houston, and London.


Evolution Markets already had an established audience around the globe utilizing their data, but they wanted to reach out to new categories of clients and offer the best analytics tools available without having to build them in-house. The green markets leader was searching for a distribution channel that would grow the audience of professionals using their trusted energy and environmental pricing data substantially so their data could make a larger impact.

Enter Barchart

Evolution Markets joined the Commodity Pricing Network (CPN), a network designed to increase transparency in global commodity markets by facilitating access to global commodity prices from leading brokerages and traders of physical commodities, in order to broaden the reach of their data through Barchart’s various distribution channels. Through the CPN, Evolution Markets’ energy and environmental pricing data and analytics will be available to users through cmdtyView Pro, cmdtyView for Excel, or through an API subscription.

”Evolution Markets is extremely pleased to offer our energy and environmental data products over Barchart’s Commodity Pricing Network,” says Jacob Harmon, Managing Director of Data Services. “This partnership extends our reach to a new set of customers who value the exceptional tools and vast user community offered on the Barchart platform.”

“The Commodity Pricing Network continues to provide users with expanded coverage of data across the Energy and Environmental sectors, and this exciting new partnership with Evolution Markets substantiates our offering even further,” says Barchart CEO Mark Haraburda.

“As a pioneer within the global energy and environmental markets, we’re thrilled to welcome Evolution Markets into our growing network of price distributors and to provide subscribers with access to their unique datasets and analytics,” added Haraburda.

Through joining the CPN, Evolution Markets will continue to grow its global footprint and allow more and more professionals access to its leading energy and environmental pricing data.

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