cmdtyView allows me to better serve my clients and provide them with a higher level understanding of the underlying fundamentals.

- Jeff Kaprelian

President of Kapco Futures

Kapco Futures

How Kapco Futures Makes Data-Driven Trading Decisions and Develops Holistic Plans for Their Clients

Meet Kapco Futures

Kapco Futures is a commodities brokerage founded by a group of professionals who thought the status quo wasn’t working well enough for farmers. The Kapco team believes that too often farmers were treated as a commission check by brokers who would recommend positions that were sold as risk-reducing, though they were nothing more than something to sell. Kapco aims to do things differently by seeking a higher level understanding of their clients’ risks, needs, and wants, developing a holistic plan that is data-driven and integrates the best tools available.


In order to make better, data-driven trading decisions and develop comprehensive plans for their clients, Kapco Futures needed a robust platform loaded with reliable, diverse data, specifically fundamental and cash data. Kapco Futures ultimately wanted a way to simplify their research workflows and easily analyze the data required to develop plans for their clients.

Enter Barchart

Kapco Futures has been a longtime user of Barchart OnDemand in order to supply their web applications with market data, but they recently found that Barchart could help improve their business even further. Kapco Futures decided that cmdtyView would be the best platform to assist them in making the best possible decisions for their clients.

“Barchart provides clean and reliable data I know I can trust,” said Jeff Kaprelian, President of Kapco Futures. “We specifically appreciate cmdtyView for its ability to link with Excel. I have found no easier way to pull pertinent data for quotes, models, and visualizations. cmdtyView allows me to better serve my clients and provide them with a higher level understanding of the underlying fundamentals,” added Kaprelian.

“We pride ourselves on making our clients’ lives easier,” said Michael Browne, Head of Commodities at Barchart. “That’s why we created cmdtyView for Excel, so our clients can access all of the data they need in one place in order to power deep analysis and research and automate and improve their workflows in the easiest way possible,” added Browne.

With data they can depend on and a platform that simplifies their workflows, Kapco Futures is able to make data-driven decisions for their clients.

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