I can log into my specific platform from any computer anywhere and no longer need to worry about keeping software up to date.

- DuWayne Bosse

Founder of Bolt Marketing

Bolt Marketing

How Bolt Marketing Supplies Market Quotes, Option Quotes, Charts, Weather, and an Easy to Navigate Website

MeetBolt Marketing

Located in Britton, South Dakota, Bolt Marketing is a marketing consultant company that also farms and sells crop insurance. With years of agricultural experience, the Bolt Marketing team prides themselves on fully understanding the needs of their clients.


In order to provide their clients with the information that they need, Bolt Marketing was in search of a company that could supply market quotes, option quotes, charts, weather, and an easy to navigate website. They also wanted the ability to stay in touch with their customers while on-the-go, but had trouble finding a solution that fit their needs.

“It is important that our users and clients have all the information that they need in one easily accessible place. Since our clients are always on the go, it is essential that we are able to provide our users with a web and mobile site that supplies a vast amount of information in one spot at anytime, anywhere,” says DuWayne Bosse, Founder of Bolt Marketing. “We were also looking for a way to stay connected to our users easily via text and email notifications to provide them with important alerts and updates,” added Bosse.

Enter Barchart

During their search, Bolt Marketing stumbled upon Barchart Commodities and found that they provided an all-in-one solution that met each of their needs conveniently. From best-in-class website solutions, including design, build and hosting as well as providing reliable market information, news and weather, Bolt Marketing was able to leverage Barchart's resources to build the site they needed in order to focus on their customers and core business. In addition to a state-of-the-art website, Bolt Marketing is able to stay in touch with their customers on-the-go with a custom mobile website along with text and email alerts to notify their customers easily and efficiently.

“I needed a large amount of information including different quotes, charts, weather, and an accessible website, and Barchart Commodity was able to provide me with everything I needed. Plus we have experienced excellent customer service and we were thrilled with the quick response time,” says Bosse.

“I also love the web based mobility of the flexible and robust front-end platform, cmdtyView. I can log into my specific platform from any computer anywhere and no longer need to worry about keeping software up to date,” added Bosse. Bolt Marketing recognizes that each farm is different and with all of their hosting needs met, they can continue to manage risk through the use of specifically designed marketing plans for each individual farm that they work with.

To learn more about Bolt Marketing, please visit www.boltmarketingllc.com.

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