Thanks to Barchart's APIs, our users can make the best, most informed decisions possible...

- Michael Eaton

CEO of SimTrader

How SimTrader Creates Their Own Derived Datasets for Their Users with Reliable Market Data

Meet SimTrader

SimTrader is an innovative trading platform designed to cater to traders of all skill levels, from beginners to professionals. The platform streamlines the trading process through automation and offers a comprehensive suite of features. These include an extensive library of Buy/Sell Engines, multiple position sizing options, screening tools, analysis functions, various strategy possibilities, results charting, and compatibility with stocks, etfs, and futures trading. Furthermore, SimTrader allows users to create custom functions and seamlessly integrate them into the platform.


To equip users with a top-tier platform, SimTrader needed to incorporate essential trading tools and information. The company sought a market data provider with a diverse range of flexible APIs that could be easily integrated into the platform.

Enter Barchart

SimTrader found success by leveraging Barchart's APIs to meet its financial data requirements. These APIs enable SimTrader to provide traders with up-to-date technologies and data, empowering them to make more informed decisions. The APIs also allow SimTrader to present market data on their private website, granting customers access to the latest market trends.

"Thanks to Barchart's APIs, our users can make the best, most informed decisions possible," remarked Michael Eaton, CEO of SimTrader. "Not only do Barchart's APIs benefit our users, but they also benefit SimTrader. They enable us to conduct thorough research and analysis, implement black box algo trading, improve risk management and portfolio management, and much more."

Mark Wator, Head of Sales at Barchart, added, "One of our primary objectives is to help clients make better, more informed decisions. When our APIs can benefit not only our client's business but also their users' trading and business decisions, that's an achievement we're truly proud of."

Armed with comprehensive research, analysis, improved risk management, and reliable data, SimTrader will continue to equip users with the latest technologies and trading information.

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