Overall, Barchart Commodity has been proactive in helping us improve our integrations to provide the best results we can.

- Mark Bockenstedt

Senior Developer at Global Reach

Global Reach

How Global Reach Provides Their Agribusiness Clients with a Website Equipped with Commodity Market Data and Information

MeetGlobal Reach

Founded in 1995 and headquartered in Ames, Global Reach is one of the most respected and largest web development firms in the state of Iowa. Global Reach has a mission to develop high-end web applications for firms in a variety of industries leaving them with an impressive portfolio of loyal clients. With services in web development, Internet marketing, graphic design, consulting and more, Global Reach has established a very strong presence throughout the Midwest backed by industry experience and a qualified team.


When Global Reach was approached by their agribusiness clients to provide them with a website equipped with commodity market data and information, Global Reach was unsure of where to obtain this content from a reliable and qualified provider.

"We had a couple of clients within the agriculture industry approach us to create them a website, but to also include commodity market data, news and weather," says Mark Bockenstedt, Senior Developer at Global Reach. "The clients who were looking for this content all found Barchart Commodity as the preferred data provider for this information," added Bockenstedt.

Enter Barchart

Per their clients' requests, Global Reach turned to Barchart Commodity as a third-party data provider for commodity market data, agricultural news and weather to add to their clients' websites.

"Working with third party data providers is always a challenge, however, the team at Barchart Commodity has taken a number of steps towards making integrations with their data very simple," says Bockenstedt. "The interactive tools that are provided by Barchart Commodity to allow developers to customize web service calls for retrieving futures are easy-to-use and reliable. This reduces the amount of time we have to spend researching what the service can and can't do," added Bockenstedt.

Global Reach has found a dependable data and futures information provider through Barchart Commodity that they can turn to for their ag clients' websites. With a reliable and helpful support team, Global Reach has been satisfied with the quality of customer service and the product.

"When we first started working with Barchart Commodity, we had to clear the initial learning hurdle that comes with working through external systems. We got to meet with integration experts from Barchart Commodity and discuss what we liked about their services and what we think they could improve," says Bockenstedt. "Not only did they come to our office and listened to our feedback, but they even made some changes that we suggested," added Bockenstedt.

With a recent 20 year anniversary, Global Reach is looking forward to the company's future and also continuing to work with Barchart Commodity. "Overall, Barchart Commodity has been proactive in helping us improve our integrations to provide the best results we can. We are extremely pleased with the services they have provided to us," says Bockenstedt. For more information on Global Reach, please visit www.globalreach.com.

To learn more about Global Reach, please visit www.globalreach.com.

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