Barchart’s flexibility and timely attention to detail in building Commodity Network, has been essential in increasing our offerings to our customers as well as allowing us to fulfill new customer needs.

- Eileen Stein

Senior Vice President - Market Intelligence

How StoneX Reliably Powers Their Mission-Critical Software Products

Meet StoneX

Since 1924, StoneX has been providing clients across the globe with a comprehensive range of customized financial services and tools to help them drive results for their business. This Fortune 500 company believes that we live in a world full of opportunities in financial markets where every firm - regardless of size, industry, or how long they’ve been in business – deserves access to the best advice, the best products, and the best, most efficient market access.

Commodity Network is a service of StoneX - an important online source of in-depth news, information and analysis about commodities. Commodity Network's services include CoffeeNetwork, Globecot News Network and eDairy. Each network has a global reach and deep market penetration within each individual market niche and provides proprietary information and analysis to participants at every stage of the commodity value chain.


StoneX’s costs to maintain their legacy system were large, and they had difficulty adding the features their customers demanded to their system. In addition to speeding up the development cycle, StoneX wanted to reduce spend and free up internal resources to spend more time on content and client relationships. They knew it would be a challenge to find not only a vendor that could help boost efficiency - but also one that they could trust.

Enter Barchart

The StoneX team set out to find a solutions provider that could reliably power their mission-critical software products, and free up the team's sales force and market analysts to spend more time on their customers. They found that Barchart could step in and act as the trusted partner they were looking for.

The Solution

Barchart provided StoneX with a suite of software and data services incorporating custom Commodity Network features and information to deliver a solution that keeps the StoneX brand in front of clients.

"Barchart is proud to support StoneX with our full suite of multi-asset data, digital, and content solutions," said Mark Haraburda, CEO of Barchart. "We are extremely pleased to extend our relationship with StoneX and delivering them a client-oriented solution that integrates the valuable Commodity Network news and market tools," added Haraburda.

The partnership with Barchart allows Commodity Network customers analyze their respective markets through streaming quotes, interactive charting, and option pricing - in addition to breaking news and analysis from the StoneX team.

"We are thrilled to partner with Barchart," said Eileen S. Stein, Senior Vice President - Market Intelligence. "Their flexibility and timely attention to detail in building our market application has proven essential in increasing our offerings to our customers as well as allowing us to fulfill new customer needs," added Stein.

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