Barchart’s data has allowed us to stay on top of the markets and fulfill our customers’ needs.

- Mike Lock

Director of Brokerage

How Coquest Stays on Top of the Markets With a Diverse Set of Financial Data from Barchart

Meet Coquest

Coquest is a technology focused financial services company whose motto is “simplify and automate.” Despite their large client base and diverse set of business lines, the integration of high quality proprietary software and experienced personnel allows Coquest to operate competitively. Their back-office team is known for handling 3 to 4 times the workload of that seen with counterparts working for their competitors thanks to the robust systems used and high efficiency skill set that is ingrained within their team.


A financial services firm with a broad client base requires a large and diverse set of financial market data. Mike Lock, Director of Brokerage at Coquest, and his team were looking for pricing tick data covering global futures exchanges, LME forwards, as well as global OTC FX spot and forwards.

Enter Barchart

The process of finding a provider that best suits your firm can be difficult, but not for Coquest. Lock and his team came across Barchart and it didn’t take long to decide on a data provider.

“The Barchart staff is personable, intelligent and easy to work with. From the initial discovery period to the data integration, all manners of involvement have been smooth,” said Lock. “Barchart ensures that we are serviced properly and efficiently by all departments within the Barchart organization that we interact with,” added Lock.

Barchart’s data allows Coquest to monitor intraday pricing of their customer books and their proprietary products more closely and accurately.

“With over $1.2 billion in customer funds invested across global financial markets, we have a very strong need to receive fast and correct information about what the markets are doing,” said Lock. “Barchart’s data has allowed us to stay on top of the markets and fulfill our customers’ needs,” added Lock.


With high quality data to rely on, Coquest is growing in many ways. They are expanding distribution channels for institutional investment product and bringing on new staff to handle the ever growing customer relationships. In addition, they are focusing on the growth of their reach into the agricultural markets for hedging and cash crop servicing. The next few years will yield even more diverse business lines and a larger customer base which, in turn, will create an even larger dependency on having robust data, systems, and processes in place to service their customer needs.

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