With cmdtyView’s live market quotes and analytics, we have visibility on commodity market price action around the globe...

- Chris Trant

Head of U.S Agriculture Desk at HedgePoint Global Markets

How hEDGEpoint Global Markets Provides Their Clients with Real-time, Actionable Market Intelligence and Analysis

Meet hEDGEpoint Global Markets

The purpose of hEDGEpoint Global Markets is to help its clients turn financial risks into opportunities by strategically anticipating and responding to market movement. hEDGEpoint serves as a risk management product provider, for hedging and protection against volatility for the global chain of agricultural and energy commodities.

hEDGEpoint is present on five continents, giving them the ability to connect the local needs of each sector to the global context while democratizing access to risk management. Altogether, hEDGEpoint works with over 50 different commodities, diverse currencies (FX), and more than 400 hedging products on its platform. All this is developed with a technological focus while providing the best experience in every process.


hEDGEpoint leverages its extensive experience and global market access - but to successfully provide clients with real-time, actionable market intelligence and analysis, they were in search of a market data platform. This platform would need to be complete with tools, global market data coverage, broad physical pricing, and more.

Enter Barchart

In order to help their clients make the best trading decisions possible, hEDGEpoint decided Barchart’s cmdtyView platform would be the best fit. With cmdtyView, hEDGEpoint has access to comprehensive data and insights with the ability to monitor and analyze the markets in real-time so they can give clients completely informed information for their trading decisions.

“With cmdtyView’s live market quotes and analytics, we have visibility on commodity market price action around the globe,” said Chris Trant, Head of U.S Agriculture | OTC Derivatives, Commodity Risk Management, at hEDGEpoint Global Markets. “These trends and insights give us a comprehensive, in-depth view of the markets in real-time so we can stay ahead of the curve for our clients to offer better products,” added Trant.

“Our team is dedicated to providing the highest quality of data with the broadest range of locations worldwide within our platform so our clients can experience a global view of the markets,” said Justin Nuss, Senior Account Manager at Barchart. “That’s why we are passionate about truly understanding our clients’ businesses and needs - so we can look to expand our offering in a way that will benefit them,” added Nuss.

With access to a wide range of global data, prices, tools, and analysis within cmdtyView, hEDGEpoint is equipped with all they need to deliver for their clients.

To learn more about hEDGEpoint Global Markets, please visit www.hedgepointglobal.com.

Note: hEDGEpoint Group does not act as a Commodities Trading Advisor offering customized trading or investment advice to customers. Customers should rely on their own independent judgment and outside advisors before entering into any transaction that is introduced by the firm.

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