It’s reassuring to work with a data provider that is both dependable and diverse.

- Dan Ushman


How TrendSpider Enables Their Platform With a Wide Range of Market Data

Meet TrendSpider

Dan Ushman and his team at TrendSpider created a one-of-a-kind fully automated chart technical analysis tool for active traders. The TrendSpider platform is the only tool available for individual traders that can automatically identify trend lines, measure Fibonacci retracements, perform real time analysis on eight time frames simultaneously, and alert users when price approaches or interacts with one of their key indicators.

Dan Ushman, owner of TrendSpider, says users have often used “game changing” to describe the platform.


In order to enable their platform, TrendSpider was in search of a very wide range of data and historical information.

“We didn’t realize just how difficult it would be to find a vendor that could meet our needs when it came to the vast amount of data TrendSpider required,” said Ushman.

Specifically, they needed 320 weeks of price data for any security, broken down on eight different time frames.

Enter Barchart

Though it was a challenging process to find a vendor with the amount of data necessary for their platform, TrendSpider ultimately found that Barchart could accommodate a comprehensive experience as their data provider.

“Barchart is more-or-less a one-stop-shop for 90% of the data we need,” said Ushman. “It’s reassuring to work with a data provider that is both dependable and diverse,” added Ushman.

Now that TrendSpider is equipped with the broad amount of data they require, they plan to expand their concept and eventually become the leading tool in the trading industry.

“We believe we have built something truly special and plan to become the premier automated technical analysis tool in the space. Our technology can identify trends that most traders miss and alert users when it's the right time to trade,” said Ushman. “There is nothing else like it and we plan to expand the concept first in the US and then into other markets around the world. Having a reliable data provider will help us do this,” added Ushman.

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