Barchart Marketplace allows our producers to access the most crucial information in the most simple, modern way.

- Tom Edwards

Grain Merchandiser, Siouxland Energy Cooperative

Siouxland Energy Cooperative (SEC)

How Siouxland Energy Cooperative Provides Their Customers with Easy Access to Crucial Grain Market Information

MeetSiouxland Energy Cooperative

Siouxland Energy Cooperative (SEC) is owned by 385 farmer members and is in the top ten corn producing counties in the United States and the top ten counties in Iowa for livestock production. SEC is a closed cooperative formed for the purpose of building, owning and operating an ethanol plant near Sioux Center, IA. SEC has a total annual ethanol production capacity of 68,000,000 gallons annually. In addition to ethanol, SEC also produces high value feed co-products; wet distiller’s grain, syrup and corn oil. These co-products are sold to nearby beef and dairy operations, and also biodiesel facilities.


SEC knows that the Agricultural Industry is continuously advancing when it comes to technology, so they have done their best to evolve with the industry. SEC has moved into the mobile sector and made updates over the years, but they wanted more in terms of providing “real-time”important information to their customer base.

Enter Barchart

In 2016, Siouxland Energy partnered with Barchart to help give them a quality, fresh looking website, text & email alerts, and supply them with a real-time data platform. Barchart had already proven to SEC their products and services are top notch, so it was a no-brainer for them to ask Barchart to help with their next venture; their very own mobile app.

The addition of their own fully branded Barchart Marketplace App gives SEC the ability to provide their customers with a tool they can use to easily and quickly access all of their grain market information any time, at any place.

“We have come to rely on Barchart’s products to keep us up-to-speed with the ever-changing technology in the ag space, and we knew we could count on them for a high quality app as well,” said Tom Edwards, Grain Merchandiser at SEC. “Barchart Marketplace allows our producers to access the most crucial information in the most simple, modern way,” added Edwards.

“We look forward to providing continued services for SEC’s website, alerts and real-time, as well as the new mobile app for their producers to have critical market & grain information in the palm of their hands,” said Tyler Bottoms, Client Services Director, Agriculture at Barchart. “We also appreciate the cooperation of Vertical in collaborating to provide this data for our mutual client,” added Bottoms.

With an up-to-date, custom app, SEC can continue to evolve and improve their business, as well as their customers’ businesses.

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