When you’re in a classroom, teaching students, the API needs to work - every time - and Barchart has made it possible for us to consistently provide our community the tools they need to navigate the financial world.

- Brian Curcio

CEO of Rapunzl

How Rapunzl Empowers Individuals to Navigate the Complex Financial World Through Accessible Investment Education

Meet Rapunzl

Brian and Myles met freshman year of high school and quickly became the 2 friends in the class who were obsessed with investing - talking about stocks in the hallway between classes.

Their friends? Not so much; and as ordinary retail traders became more and more common, Myles and Brian saw how these ordinary investors must pay a price to learn to invest; and that price typically is real money ending up in Wall Street’s pocket. They knew there had to be a better way to get millions of people engaged with financial markets.

Myles and Brian founded Rapunzl to provide a gamified investing education through fun (and free) investment competitions with scholarships and cash prizes. Rapunzl’s free competitions provide users with an opportunity to earn while they learn how to invest; and by doing so, Rapunzl is rolling down their (metaphorical) hair which allows everyone to climb to financial success.


Since their goal is to provide a valuable learning experience to those who haven’t yet explored the world of investing, Rapunzl needed their website and app to be loaded with market data of the highest quality. Their ideal data provider would have a wide variety of reliable data that is flexible, easy to implement, and provides a vast coverage to accommodate the interests of all Rapunzl users.

Enter Barchart

Rapunzl recognized the need for top-tier market data on their app and website. After all, an investor is only as good as the information and data they receive.

The ideal solution came in the form of Barchart's APIs, offering a diverse range of dependable and adaptable data feeds. Rapunzl now utilizes Barchart’s getTechnicals and getHistory APIs to display to their users, and getCorporateActions and getSymbolChange APIs to stay on top of things internally.

“Barchart has been an invaluable partner for Rapunzl's mission of providing accessible access to financial education since 2018 when we first launched,” said Brian Curcio, CEO of Rapunzl.

“Our platform is built on the foundation of empowering individuals to learn and succeed in the world of investing, and Barchart's market data feeds have played a pivotal role in achieving this goal. The flexibility of their APIs has allowed us to seamlessly integrate real-time market data into our app and website, but the reliability has been critical too. When you’re in a classroom, teaching students, the API needs to work - every time - and Barchart has made it possible for us to consistently provide our community the tools they need to navigate the financial world,” added Curcio.

"At Barchart, we take pride in supporting Rapunzl's mission of providing accessible investment education,” said Mark Wator, Head of Sales at Barchart. “We are honored to contribute to Rapunzl's efforts in equipping their community with the knowledge and tools needed to navigate the markets with confidence and achieve their financial aspirations,” added Wator.

With these APIs from Barchart seamlessly integrated into their platform, Rapunzl is able to provide an unparalleled financial education program that has reached over 75,000 students across the country, earning them recognition as a 2022 Yass Prize recipient of their outstanding education program. Rapunzl has since launched an Educator Portal geared towards middle and high school instructors, released a rigorous financial education curriculum for middle and high school students, and announced plans to leverage Barchart’s APIs further by adding technical data and advanced charts.

At the end of the day, both Rapunzl and Barchart believe in facilitating equitable access to financial markets, and together are able to bring financial literacy to schools across the country.

To learn more about Rapunzl, please visit www.rapunzlinvestments.com.

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