The market data provided by Barchart saves us the effort of stitching together individual contracts.

- Sean Bockhold

Product Owner at Quantum Data Technologies

How QDT Manages Market Risk, Optimizes Asset Allocation, and Increases Profits for Their Users

Meet Quantum Data Technologies

Quantum Data Technologies (QDT) is an engineering company at heart with a passion for using advanced technology to solve complex business problems. They are fascinated with the pursuit of innovation and constantly push the boundaries of what’s possible with Big Data, Data Science and AI/Machine Learning.

Real-time, actionable insights from Big Data have become critical for the modern, agile enterprise. QDT provides a suite of tools and services that harness and utilize data across multiple applications. Their core product, Quantum ML, is a predictive analytics platform that leverages real-time machine learning and a wide array of data sources to help organizations minimize market risk and maximize profitability.


In order to manage market risk, optimizes asset allocation, and increase profits for their users, Quantum Data Technologies provides a machine learning platform, Quantum ML, that leverages a broad base of data from various providers. However, what QDT could not get anywhere else, was a form of time-series data that streams minute bars, as opposed to the more common tick data format.

Enter Barchart

The real-time data from Barchart, in the form of streaming minute bars, are beneficial for stitching together options contracts into a continuous time-series dataset that integrates with their machine learning algorithms. Furthermore, these “continuous futures” are offered with a long history further augmenting their machine learning training and backtesting.

“The market data provided by Barchart saves us the effort of stitching together individual contracts,” said Sean Bockhold, Product Owner at Quantum Data Technologies, “thus saving our data team a huge manual effort,” added Bockhold.

“With Market Replay, clients can improve their workflows by efficiently accessing the best data in order to improve their business and their products,” said Mark Wator, Head of Sales, Financial & Media. “At Barchart we are dedicated to providing our clients with customizable solutions. That’s why when we found out Quantum Data preferred streaming minute bars instead of tick data, even though it is rare, we delivered.” added Wator.

With convenient access to rich real-time and historical data, and improved workflows, Quantum Data Technologies can continue to support their customers in creating the best models and thus, optimal business outcomes.

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