Barchart's Futures data will allow us to build our algorithms better and strengthen our platform even further.

- Chris Anthony

Managing Member at Volare Capital Management

How Volare Capital Management Accesses and Analyzes Large Amounts of Historical Data to Develop Automated Trading Strategies

Meet Volare Capital Management

Located in the heart of Silicon Valley, Volare Capital Management specializes in fully automated, algorithmic trading of the financial markets using a custom-built proprietary trading platform. Volare successfully built a highly customizable, proprietary execution and testing platform, which is the foundation of its business. They are determined to make a technology-driven trading firm without the obstacles facing most small to midsize funds. This platform allows Volare to be both market and strategy agnostic, given the system's highly flexible, smart design.


Volare seeks to generate consistent risk-adjusted alpha that both exceeds and is uncorrelated to the S&P. Volare is a data driven firm. They analyze large amounts of historical data to develop robust, fully automated trading strategies to consistently generate returns. Because this data is for the foundation of their business, and the algorithms within their platform, Volare was in search of a data provider they could truly rely on.

Enter Barchart

Volare conducted a thorough search for a suitable data provider and stumbled upon Barchart. After speaking with Barchart’s team and testing Barchart’s APIs, they determined it would be a perfect fit. Volare now utilizes Barchart's Historical Futures API to analyze and internally develop its robust algorithms.

“Barchart’s team went above and beyond to accommodate our data needs,” said Chris Anthony, Managing Member at Volare Capital Management. "They provided us with a helpful trial that allowed us to test the data before determining it was truly a fit. Barchart's Futures data will allow us to build our algorithms better and strengthen our platform even further," added Anthony.

"At Barchart we want to ensure our clients receive not only the best data possible but the best customer service as well," said Ryan Nelson, Senior Account Executive at Barchart. "That's why we allow our clients first to experience our data through a trial and offer truly customizable solutions. We look forward to continuing working with Volare as they continue to grow their platform," added Nelson.

Volare plans to launch a fully automated alpha fund via its' sister company and to grow its firm even further in the future. With a reliable data provider backing them up, they will undoubtedly be able to achieve their goals.

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