Barchart provides us with extensive access to high quality data that allows for simple integration.

- Derek Smith

Director of Data

How ZE Power Delivers Reliable Energy Data to Their Clients

Meet ZE Power

Founded in 1995, ZE Power delivers aggregated data, analysis, process automation and integration with downstream systems to help clients across commodities and financials simplify complex business practices. Through the solutions provided by ZE Power, their customers are able to achieve world-class results across risk mitigation, operation optimization, and client service. ZE is a powerhouse in global Energy markets and was awarded Data House of the Year by EnergyRisk in 2019 - in addition to six other first place finishes.

The Problem

As a leading data integration provider for the Energy and Agricultural industries, ZE needs to ensure that the data they ingest is clean, reliable, and always on time. Because the final product delivered to customers is tied deeply into their workflows and combines data from multiple sources, any issues with source data can be costly and will impact their entire client base.

"We provide complete integration with downstream systems covering a wide range of markets – oil, gas, derivatives, grain, livestock, and more, so the vast amount of data that we touch day-to-day is astounding," notes Derek Smith, Director of Data at ZE. "Since our information ties directly into front-office decision frameworks, and back office processes, just one small issue with our data can have outsized repercussions across trade and risk management - which is why we are focused on having the absolute best data quality standards,” added Smith.

In particular, finding a source of well-structured data for global commodity futures, futures options, OTC swaps, and volatility that could reliably deliver this content was challenging for ZE. Since the information they need is spread across many different exchange sources, with different feed specifications and varied closing times, ZE needed a simplified solution and a partner they could rely on.

The Solution

ZE Power found that Barchart could facilitate the streamlined solution they were in search of. “Barchart provides us with extensive access to high quality data that allows for simple integration,” said Smith. “From the beginning, the team took a completely tailored approach to fully understand what we needed and delivered a customized plan of action to implement the broad amount of data we required in each necessary form,” added Smith. “This was invaluable to us since any problem we run into can have an enormous impact.”

"We understand how crucial it is for data integration leaders, like ZE, to ensure their data is clean and reliable; especially when any poor outcome can heavily affect their customer’s business critical processes,” said Keith Petersen, Head of Strategy at Barchart. “That’s why we were dedicated to delivering a powerful data solution which was tailored to meet the needs of ZE,” added Petersen.

Now equipped with the content and data they required, ZE Power was able to extend their customer-oriented solutions into new markets and verticals.

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