Barchart has provided a promise of scalability which was critical in our long-term planning to take on a vendor.

- Ophir Gottlieb

CEO and Co-Founder

How Capital Markets Lab Provides Their Users With Institution-like Analysis

Meet Capital Market Laboratories

Capital Market Labs is a market research firm that sits next to Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, Barclays, Morgan Stanley and every other multibillion dollar institution. Unlike other firms, Capital Market Laboratories makes it possible to receive expert market analysis without paying upwards of $2000 a month.

Capital Market Laboratories goal is to be the anti-institution and break the information asymmetry through which they accomplish in 3 ways. They offer a free financial portal, lists of top stock picks so users can become an expert on the stocks that they wish to follow, and help identify patterns that return profit. Capital Market Laboratories brings institutional research, CEO interviews, and trading analytics built for the institutions, but only sold to retail.


In order to break the information asymmetry, Capital Market Laboratories needed to find a provider that could power them with the data they require to accomplish their goal of providing their users with institution-like analysis with the same great information for a more fair price. They needed a library of items ranging from financial data, exchange data, and charting capabilities.

Enter Barchart

Capital Markets Laboratories found that Barchart could equip them with data they needed to allow their users to analyze and see patterns in the markets. With the getQuote API from Barchart OnDemand, Capital Markets Lab received delayed data for NYSE, NASDAQ, AMEX, and CBOE. Their users can also view charts with historical data to see trends within markets and stocks through Barchart’s Interactive Charting Modules.

“Barchart has provided a promise of scalability, which was critical in our long-term planning to take on a vendor,” said Ophir Gottlieb, CEO and Co-Founder of Capital Market Laboratories. “The data delivery has been on point and the reception of the data from our users has been positive, we know that we can count on Barchart,” added Gottlieb.

Capital Markets Laboratories aims to be the next Yahoo Finance for their free community and for their paying members, they will continue to deliver exceptional research and tools at a fraction of the cost of the institutions.

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