cmdtyView allows us to analyze data, make a decision, and then quickly put it into action, allowing us to be faster than competitors.

- Kirk Bonniwell

Head of Agricultural OTC Sales, USA, at Marex Solutions

How Marex Solutions Stays Ahead of the Competition with Advanced Tools to Understand the Markets

Meet Marex Solutions

With their tech-led approach, Marex Solutions has brought together experienced market-leading talent to create the industry’s fastest-growing specialized producer of tailored OTC derivatives and Structured Products. Their aim is to manufacture faster and more flexibly than competitors to provide clients with bespoke products that match their objectives. Their products are distributed to customers through two specialized channels: Risk Management and Financial Products.


In order to improve their competitive advantage, Marex Solutions was in search of a modern, powerful solution that would provide them with advanced tools to understand the markets, advise their teams internally, and manage risk. The solution they were looking for would include a diverse amount of reliable data and a variety of powerful solutions. Since they also aim to supply their products faster than any of their competitors, the data would need to be displayed in a simple, easy-to-use, yet robust manner.

Enter Barchart

Marex Solutions discovered Barchart’s leading market data platform, cmdtyView and decided that it checked all of their boxes. With advanced charting, benchmark cash prices, proprietary commodity data, analytics, and more, Marex Solutions can ensure they’re always prepared.

The powerful data available within the cmdtyView platform allows their teams to thoroughly analyze the markets in order to make the best decisions - both internally and for their clients. Marex Solutions is also pleased with the mobile capabilities of cmdtyView, allowing them to take it with them anywhere and utilize it at any time.

“With cmdtyView Pro, we can access all the data we rely on in one powerful, browser-based platform,” said Kirk Bonniwell, Head of Agricultural OTC Sales, USA, at Marex Solutions. “cmdtyView allows us to analyze data, make a decision, and then quickly put it into action, allowing us to be faster than competitors,” added Bonniwell.

“Our team is proud that cmdtyView provides our users with such deep, powerful data and tools,” said Justin Nuss, Regional Sales Director, Agriculture at Barchart. “We are dedicated to helping our clients utilize these robust tools and data in order to have a leg-up on their competitors,” added Nuss.

Equipped with a comprehensive solution that improves workflows internally, manages risk externally, and ensures their competitive advantage, Marex Solutions can continue to provide their clients with customized, effective solutions.

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