Barchart's commitment to enhancing communication was evident through the introduction of their messaging service where we keep our customers updated on cash bids via text.

- Stacey Evans

Senior Grain Merchandiser at Lathrop FSG

How Lathrop FSG Circulates Crucial Information to Their Customers via Text and Marketplace App

Meet Lathrop FSG

The Lathrop FSG facilities located in Lathrop, MO, and Pleasant Hill, MO run an identity-preserved non-GMO food-grade soybean and grain business in conjunction with a grain storage, and merchandising program. Lathrop FSG also offers various cleaning, bagging, toting, and container loading services for a number of different commodity types, including corn, non-GMO corn, organic corn, soybeans, non-GMO soybeans, organic soybeans, cleaned and aspirated soybeans, and field peas.


Lathrop FSG was facing a communication challenge in reaching farmers who increasingly rely on smartphones. Recognizing the paramount importance of staying connected with their diverse clientele, comprised of farmers spanning different age groups, they aimed to adapt their communication strategies comprehensively to streamline engagement.

Enter Barchart

Lathrop FSG approached Barchart looking for a better way to stay in contact with their grain customers in this ever-evolving technological landscape. Barchart not only enhanced the clarity of text message bids but also facilitated the targeted delivery of specific messages to relevant groups, particularly when vital information such as dump hours or push bids was required.

“Barchart's commitment to enhancing communication was evident through the introduction of their messaging service where we keep our customers updated on cash bids via text,” said Stacey Evans, Senior Grain Merchandiser at Lathrop FSG. In addition to the traditional text message, Barchart provides Lathrop FSG with a custom-branded Marketplace app.

“This modernized approach not only met the smartphone-centric preferences of our customers but also streamlined the circulation of crucial information, making bid and market details more accessible and understandable,” added Evans.

“In addition, Barchart went beyond our expectations by creating a customer-friendly website equipped with a charting tool. This website not only met our usability criteria but was also transformed into a centralized hub for market data, weather forecasts, analysis, and real-time commentary. By doing so, Barchart ensured that both our team and customers had a unified platform for efficient and dynamic information,” said Evans.

"At Barchart, we take pride in revolutionizing communication strategies for our partners, and Lathrop FSG's journey stands as a testament to our commitment,” said Ashley Koenig, Head of Account Management - Commodities at Barchart. “By implementing a Marketplace App, our SMS messaging service, and a hosted website, Lathrop FSG will be able to stay ahead of market trends and foster stronger connections with their grain customers,” added Koenig.

Barchart and Lathrop FSG have worked together to create a communication strategy, ushering in a new era of connectivity tailored to the preferences of Lathrop FSG’s producers. Barchart’s solutions not only addressed their challenges but positioned their organization at the forefront of leveraging technology for effective communication in the ag industry.

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