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Grain Marketplace

Branded mobile apps that interact with your desktop - manage offers, chat with producers, and grow your business faster than you thought possible

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Your Brand. Your Producers.

Provide your producers with a fully branded user experience. Deliver mobile apps, desktop solutions, and all the tools they need with a solution so simple anyone can use it.

Mobile Apps

Go where your producers go, and stay in touch at all times. With beautifully simple mobile apps - that talk to the cmdtyView Pro desktop you already use - the choice is easy.

Communicate Better

Use push notifications to send price alerts, update hours, or simply catch-up over chat. Your producers will be more engaged than ever before.

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How it Works

  • Provide your producers with free access to apps that ties you into their workflows - across desktop and mobile.
  • Marketplace is fully branded to your firm and keeps your business front of mind at all times.
  • Stay in touch with built-in instant messenger – keeping producers engaged.
  • Producers can only see your bids, and can only communicate with your merchandisers.
  • Negotiate offers in real-time with seamless integration between cmdtyView Pro.
  • Use push notifications to ensure your message is delivered in real-time.
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Cash Bids - Give producers easy access to cash bids from all of your locations in real-time. With better information, they can make faster grain marketing decisions.

Chat - Negotiate offers in real-time with chat that links your desktop with your producer’s phones. You’ve never been more productive and engaged with your customers.

Offer Management - Work up custom bids for your producers and close deals faster. Do more volume at better prices to drive revenue for your business.

Futures Pricing - Make your app the go-to dashboard for your producers. Stream all the commodity futures data they rely on into a beautiful app that features your brand, bids, and merchandisers.

News - Give your users access to premium news through cmdty Newswires. Our highly engaging experts will keep producers coming back for more and lead to increased loyalty with your business. It works.

Weather - Localized weather conditions that your producers can trust. Who needs a standalone weather app when they can get reliable information on local growing conditions in your branded product?

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Mobile App

We deliver a Marketplace mobile app - and desktop experience - to your users and fully branded to your firm. Your new powerful app provides your producers with market information, charts, news and weather while keeping them engaged with your business.

Your Brand, Your Prices - Keep your prices, and only your prices in front of producers. With your brand front-and-center, producers will trust your business as their preferred partner.

Build Relationships - Drive producer engagement with your cash bids, premium news, and rich alerting features - all on their phone. Stronger relationships mean more grain.

Keep in Touch - Stay in touch with producers through our integrated instant messaging platform. Your farmers will be more engaged and likely to sell you grain when they can communicate with your merchandisers in real-time.

Increase Engagement - Engage your producers with your brand as part of their daily workflows. By delivering them a high-performance grain information portal, fully integrated with your branding, you will always be the first option for their grain marketing.

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All of our exclusive data and prices are available through the cmdtyView® terminal – a fully web-based and responsive commodity trading platform that works seamlessly across all of your devices.

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