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Jan 27 2023

3 Agriculture Trends to Watch in 2023

Agriculture is constantly evolving and emerging agriculture trends mark a shift towards digitization and efficient utilization of time and resources.  Today’s growers and merchandisers can no longer depend on their competitive advantage coming primarily from crop inputs.  They must find their competitive edge by utilizing advanced technology and digital tools.  

With that said, here are 3 trends to watch in 2023:

1. Mobile App Integration 

Agriculture mobile apps are paving the way for the modernization and optimization of the agriculture sector.  Farmers are continuously searching for new ways to accelerate their business and the benefits that mobile apps bring to agriculture workflows are leading to increased utilization of mobile applications.  

Barchart’s ecosystem for grain merchandising workflows includes the award winning AgTech platform, Marketplace Apps.  Marketplace Apps provide your producers with a fully-branded mobile app that connects them with your business wherever they are. 

Modern producers rely on crucial information that allows them to make the most informed decisions possible to improve their operation. By connecting producers to their merchandisers, Marketplace allows them to monitor their crop every step of the way, from delivery to market.  See Marketplace live and in action - click here to schedule a demo

2. Predictive Analytics 
Predictive analytics enable farmers to make data-driven decisions that ultimately enhance agricultural outcomes.  Predictive analytics provides the opportunity to make a fast decision off of digital information ​​and increases the profitability of the stakeholders involved. 

Barchart provides daily international crop production, acreage, and yield forecasts that help users stay ahead of the curve, and make faster decisions than possible through traditional government reports.  Bi-weekly crop production forecasts are available to the public for free through our US Crop Production Report, Canadian Crop Production Report, and South American Crop Production Report.  Enterprise data and cmdtyView Pro clients have access to daily forecast updates.  

3. Digitizing Grain Workflows 

Digitizing grain workflows improves operational efficiency across the supply chain.  Through digitization, farmers and agribusinesses can improve communication, remove costly errors and remove tedious and time-consuming tasks by streamlining business processes. 

Barchart’s client-focused mission is to help digitize the buying and selling of grain between agribusinesses and their producers.  Through Marketplace Apps, Barchart connects producers directly into merchandiser workflows, by linking producer-facing apps to the cmdtyView grain trading platform; which is already a fixture on merchandiser desktops.  


cmdtyView is connected across the grain supply chain, including to farmers who are able to submit offers via Marketplace Apps, as well as to grain accounting and ERP providers for managing contracts, tickets, and positions; and to futures brokerage firms and exchanges for execution and clearing.  cmdtyView users can automate hedging for physical grain, which eliminates the need for multiple systems, making cmdtyView an end-to-end platform for commodity trading.

As a leading provider of data, digital, and workflow solutions to the agribusiness community, Barchart is committed to providing tools that make grain buying and selling easier than ever before.  To learn more about any of our services drop us a line at or reach out here.

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