With help from Barchart, we are now armed with all the modern tools we could imagine in order to stay ahead of the curve and help our customers.

- Heath Barnes

CEO of Mercer Landmark

Mercer Landmark

How Mercer Landmark Updated Their Overall Brand with Modern Tools and a Customized Marketplace App

Meet Mercer Landmark

Beginning as a small group of Ohio farmers, Mercer Landmark has grown into a thriving agricultural cooperative reaching across five different counties in Northwest Ohio. Mercer Landmark specializes in four divisions including Agronomy, Energy, Feed and Grain, helps producers make more informed marketing decisions, and ultimately strives to make a difference by providing profitable solutions that keep agricultural producers and communities growing.

The Problem

As the ag sector continues to move further into the mobile environment, Mercer Landmark saw the need to make updates to their website, communication strategy, and overall brand in order to encourage growth and the best decisions possible for their client base. Mercer Landmark was looking to work with a data provider that could provide them with reliable, modern tools, as well as a customized, easy-to-use app.

The Solution

Since Mercer Landmark has previously worked with Barchart and has experienced the quality they offer through both their products and services, they knew Barchart would be able to provide them with the top-notch tools they were in search of in order to complete their vision.

Mercer Landmark is now equipped with updated website content, text and email alerts, and both real-time and offer management platforms from Barchart. In addition to these powerful tools, Mercer Landmark now has their very own custom, brand new Marketplace App provided by Barchart.

“With help from Barchart, we are now armed with all the modern tools we could imagine in order to stay ahead of the curve and help our customers,” said Heath Barnes, CEO of Mercer Landmark. “With our own Marketplace app, we will be able to not only stay in front of our client base, but we can help our customers manage their operations the best they can in order for them to grow their businesses,” added Barnes.

“We look forward to providing this new mobile app for Mercer Landmark producers and allowing them to access critical information such as cash bids management, contracts, tickets, weather and more - anytime, anywhere” said Tyler Bottoms, Client Services Director, Agriculture at Barchart. “We also appreciate the cooperation from AgVantage in collaborating with us to provide this important data for our mutual client,” added Bottoms.

Equipped with their own modern, custom Marketplace app, Mercer Landmark can continue to help both producers and communities grow through quality tools and decision making.

To learn more about Mercer Landmark, please visit mercerlandmark.com.

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