Marketplace will improve the quality of our business greatly by allowing our producers to access critical information such as grain bid data anywhere, any time.

- Craig Kavanagh

Grain Division Manager at Glacial Plains Cooperative

Glacial Plains Cooperative

How Glacial Plains Cooperative Improved Communication with Customers Through a Customized Marketplace App

Meet Glacial Plains Cooperative

Dating back to 1907, Glacial Plains Cooperative has helped keep rural farming communities running strong, day-in and day-out in West Central Minnesota. Through their five divisions of agronomy, grain, energy, feed and retail, the cooperative’s vision is to serve customers through thoughtful growth that meets their needs and maintains a legacy of dependable service in their communities. Whether you’re looking for customized agronomic expertise and support, experienced assistance in marketing your crop, a dependable provider of fuels and feeds, or a hot meal and a tank of gas at their local store, Glacial Plains Cooperative always aims to exceed customers’ expectations.

The Problem

In order to exceed the high expectations of their customers, Glacial Plains Cooperative wanted to find a way to take the quality of communication and connection with their customers to the next level. They also wanted to increase the amount of important information they provided them by displaying grain accounting data, tickets, contracts and more.

The Solution

Glacial Plains Cooperative has been using Barchart’s solutions since 2016. As the agriculture sector continues to move further into the mobile environment, Barchart has helped Glacial Plains adapt to the technological advances by building a new website complete with commodity data as well as text and email alerts. When Glacial Plains found out that Barchart could help them advance even further by creating their own custom app complete with chat and physical grain trading capabilities, they jumped at the opportunity.

Glacial Plains Cooperative now has their very own, fully-branded Marketplace app, which connects them to their producers, allowing them to communicate and negotiate with each other over their mobile devices.

“We have always been pleased with the solutions provided by Barchart, and we knew that they could improve our offerings even further with the creation of our own custom Marketplace app,” said Craig Kavanagh, Grain Division Manager at Glacial Plains Cooperative.

“Marketplace will improve the quality of our business greatly by allowing our producers to access critical information such as grain bid data anywhere, any time. As the ag industry continues to evolve technologically, we know we can count on Barchart to help us stay ahead of the curve,” added Kavanagh.

Within their Marketplace app, Glacial Plains Cooperative was also able to integrate grain accounting data from Agvance, a fully-integrated software provider for ag retailers.

“We look forward to providing this new mobile app for Glacial Plains’ producers and allowing them access to critical information anywhere, any time with cash bids management, contracts, tickets, weather and more,” said Barchart CEO Mark Haraburda. “We also appreciate the cooperation with Agvance in collaborating to provide this data for our mutual client,” added Haraburda.

Equipped with their own fully custom Marketplace app to supply critical information to producers at any time, anywhere, Glacial Plains Cooperative can continue to exceed their customers’ expectations.

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