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Oct 19 2022

Barchart’s Enterprise Solutions for Agriculture

You probably already know that Barchart has solutions for agribusinesses, merchandisers, and many more in the ag industry, but do you know just how extensive our offerings are? No matter how big or small your business is, if you are operating in the ag industry, we have a solution for you. Whether looking for best-in-class data and information for grain merchandising, a personalized website, or an app to connect with and build grower relationships, Barchart is your much-needed solution. 

Barchart’s complete portfolio of agribusiness solutions is vast and diverse to help you grow your business. Discover how our cmdtyView, Marketplace mobile apps, and website hosting solutions can help your agribusiness. 


cmdtyView, Barchart’s premiere commodity trading platform, is your one-stop shop for all things commodities. Making informed decisions and staying connected has never been easier. Barchart offers everything you need, all in one place cmdtyView gives you access to futures, physical pricing, and fundamental data for Ag, Energy, and Metals.  Feel confident in your decisions with a comprehensive trading toolkit, which includes advanced charting, cash prices, commodity news feeds, analytics, and an economic calendar. Once the decisions and tough calls have been made, take action with futures execution, grain trading, instant messaging, and grain accounting. To make it even better, with cmdtyView for excel, you can stream quotes in Excel to perform deep analysis and research that can help you automate and improve your workflows.  Does this sound like the solution for you? To discover all the capabilities of cmdtyView, register for a free trial

Mobile Apps

Marketplace mobile apps for farmers connect merchandisers to customers while providing both parties with a convenient, easy-to-use, all-in-one experience. Cash bids, alerts, chat, and futures prices allow your growers to stay up-to-date, informed, and connected to market data and their elevators when they want it and you need it most.  Keep your growers informed with access to scale tickets, contracts, balances, settlements, and offers right on their phones, putting grain management power in their hands. Marketplace mobile apps for farmers provide all of this, plus it’s powered by ERP data from top suppliers, which empower growers to create a seamless system right at their fingertips. To learn how you can grow your business right from your phone, schedule a Marketplace demo today.


Do you have a fantastic business you’d love to share with area growers, customers, and even the world but have no idea where to start? Look no further because Barchart is the best choice when it comes to website hosting for Agribusinesses.  Barchart offers agribusiness-focused, mobile responsive templates to give you a jump-start on your websites and apps. These can be self-managed with our CMS and are hosted through Amazon Web Services.  For existing products hosted through third parties, our content can be incorporated as pre-built widgets or via API for a more customized look and feel.  Make the most of your online presence with our rich selection of data, content, and tools. Barchart’s solutions are fast, responsive, and battle-tested in Agriculture. 


Barchart’s enterprise solutions for agriculture combine best-in-class workflows and award-winning connectivity for your agribusiness. To learn more about the solutions Barchart can offer or to join our network of agribusinesses, please visit our website

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