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Commodity Newswires

Modern Agricultural news built on data, and driven by insights to power decisions for the Ag professional.

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Barchart’s Commodity Newswires delivers actionable news, market analysis, and proprietary data that gives commodity professionals what they need to make business critical decisions every day - available in cmdtyView® or your front-end of choice.

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Easily integrate Barchart’s Commodity Newswires into your client-facing applications, improving commodity news ROI, and customer engagement.

Simple integration using WebSockets technology and other easy to use APIs.


  • Access to Barchart’s Commodity Newswires are included with each subscription to cmdtyView
  • cmdtyView LTE comes with acces to the streaming AgLite feed, which contains full access to USDA and NASS reports along with our exclusive commentary on grain markets.
  • In addition to the AgLite feed, cmdtyView PRO users have access to the premium Ag newswire service, which contains exclusive content on cash markets, reports on the global exchange space, and unique commentary on softs.

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Subscribers receive real-time premium content 24 hours a day containing the information that matters most.

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