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Dec 10 2021

Barchart’s Top Releases In 2021

At Barchart, we are constantly working and innovating in order to stay ahead of the curve. We are dedicated to producing modern, cutting-edge solutions that improve and simplify our clients' workflows. Let’s take a look back at our top announcements and releases from 2021…

eSign for Grain Contracts - This year, we furthered our support for U.S. agriculture through the release of eSign - providing a completely digital workflow for grain contracting between grain buyers and producers. This innovation, combined with our best-in-class connectivity for farm-level data such as contracts and scale tickets, allows for digital transformation at any agribusiness.

eSign connects cmdtyView, our desktop and mobile platform for grain merchandisers, with our elevator-branded apps, and now enables grain buyers to issue paperless grain sale contracts, digitally accept offers for grain, chat with farmers in real-time, and view and manage producer data through the broadest ERP connectivity on the market.

Hedge Management System (HMS) Integration - We recently announced a new strategic partnership with CQG to automate futures hedging for physical grain trading in our cmdtyView platform. By integrating CQG’s Hedge Management System (HMS) with our award-winning commodity trading platform, cmdtyView, merchandisers and grain buyers can now easily automate the hedging of their physical grain contracts, reducing risk and streamlining workflows. cmdtyView is then connected across the grain supply chain to farmers for submitting offers via Barchart’s Marketplace apps, as well as to grain accounting and ERP providers for managing contracts, tickets and positions; and to futures brokerage firms for execution and clearing - making it a true end-to-end workflow solution.

Crop Production & Yield Forecasts - We also announced the launch of production and yield estimates for both Canadian and South American field crops, expanding our coverage of global grain data even further. In addition to our U.S. Crop Production Report, which provides users with quick and reliable insights to stay ahead of the curve before the USDA’s WASDE report is released, our Canadian Crop Production Forecasts for spring wheat, corn, and soybeans allow users to understand the complete supply-side picture of North American grain and to identify areas of opportunity before traditional AAFC reports are released. Our most recent report for South American Crop Production also keeps users ahead of the curve with precise yield estimates for South American Crops. You can view and subscribe to any of our free price reports here.


Commodity Pricing Network (CPN) Partnerships - This year we continued to further grow the Commodity Pricing Network (CPN), and the pricing we make available to our users, through various partnerships with leading data providers. All of this pricing is available to users through cmdtyView Pro, cmdtyView Excel, or through an API subscription. Our most recent partnerships include:

  • Freightos - With this partnership, our users now have access to the world’s largest freight network allowing them to compare air, ocean and trucking freight quotes from 75+ providers.
  • Link Data Services -  With access to Link Data Services’ leading coverage of domestic crude oil prices and assessments, clients are able to stay one step ahead of the energy market.
  • SovEcon - With access to SovEcon's leading coverage of wheat, corn, soybeans, and other agricultural prices for Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan, clients are well equipped with the data they need to stay well-informed around the Black Sea agricultural markets.
  • Fastmarkets - This partnership allows users to access insights from the widely recognized leader in price discovery for animal fats, vegetable oils, and biodiesel in order to secure a competitive advantage.
  • PRIMA Markets - With access to PRIMA Markets’ leading coverage of biofuels, low carbon fuels, and feedstocks pricing, clients can stay ahead of the low carbon investment curve.
  • Evolution Markets - With access to Evolution Markets’ leading coverage of ESG and energy pricing, clients have a better understanding of the fast growing environmental market, including carbon allowances, carbon offsets, and renewable energy certificates.
  • Scrap Monster - By offering Scrap Monster’s wholesale benchmark prices alongside Barchart’s retail scrap yard prices, users are able to make smarter and quicker decisions by understanding the U.S. scrap metals market as a whole.
  • Urner Barry - Making Urner Barry’s benchmark poultry, egg, meat, and seafood prices available to our users helps ingredient buyers and strategic sourcing teams make more informed decisions.

Free Commodity Price Reports with CPN Partners - In addition to our proprietary reports, we launched a collaborative partnership with members of the Commodity Pricing Network (CPN) to democratize access to physical commodity prices through a series of new free price reports. These exclusive price reports from SCB Group, Mintec, and Evolution Markets offer professionals access to free global pricing for Renewables, Food & Beverage, Energy, and Agriculture.

We can’t wait for what’s in store in 2022! Make sure to sign up for our product updates so you never miss a beat. To learn more about our solutions, please visit

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