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Dec 14 2021

Digital Tools, Data and Services for Producers

Barchart provides producers with a full suite of commodity data and digital tools they need in order to make better decisions, improve workflows, minimize risk, and maximize profit.  With software solutions for individuals and commodity data APIs for enterprises, we make it simple to get the data you need and integrate it into your workflows or enterprise processes.

Here’s how we can help: 

Cash Grain Prices

Get access to best-in-class intraday and historical commodity data from 4,000+ grain buying facilities – with grain price data from Barchart.  Our cash grain prices include: 

Historical Data

Continuous Pricing

  • Records are created on price events - not just snapped from end-of-day prices. Our coverage of grain buying activity is unmatched.

Reference Data

  • Rich meta covering geo-location, facility type, FIPs codes, and more - simplifies integration and facilitates analytics

Commodity Indexes

Access commodity index data to enhance your benchmarking and performance measurement.  

Our commodity indexes include: 

Crop Condition Indexes

  • Instantly see on a scale from 0-100 exactly how growing conditions compare to historical seasons  -  helping you estimate production for any growing area.  Get smarter about what you expect to pull out of the ground.

Grain Price and Basis Indexes

Our real-time assessments, built on cash grain bids, can power your commodity trading and analytics platform - ensuring that the price you’re buying or selling is the true market price.

Production Forecast Indexes

Commodity Data APIs

Get the commodity prices you need, when you need it with our commodity data APIs . Consume direct from the source and integrate into your software solutions. Our commodity data APIs include Commodity Price APIs, Economic Data & Commodity Statistics, Commodity Indexes & Grain Prices.  See the full list of APIs here


​​Physical grain trading, futures execution, and advanced analytics delivered to the only front-end you'll ever need. Simplify your workflows by managing your cash business, futures execution, and analytics in one place - all pushed seamlessly into your post-trade systems.  cmdtyView allows users to analyze data, make a decision, and then quickly put it into action.

Grower Apps (Marketplace)

Get free commodity data, tools, charts, and better communication channels with local grain merchandisers within their elevator-branded mobile apps! Marketplace offers elevator-branded apps for you to chat with merchandisers and negotiate offers to sell grain in real-time - all seamlessly designed to sync perfectly with the cmdtyView Pro platform

Data and tools available within Marketplace Apps include: 

Cash Bids 

Get easy access to cash grain bids from all merchandiser locations in real-time. Make faster grain marketing decisions with better information.


Request approval to negotiate offers with Merchandisers to sell your grain in real-time - all of which is supported by our built-in chat functionality.

Futures Pricing 

Access the commodity futures data you reply on within the elevator-branded app.

Offer Management  

Easily submit your offers to sell your grain via a Marketplace App and receive instant updates from elevators when offers are accepted.


Hedge Management

Reduce risk through automated hedging of your physical grain contracts directly in cmdtyView.

As a leading provider of data, digital, and workflow solutions to the agribusiness community, we’re committed to helping our clients make better decisions to drive their bottom line. To learn more about the solutions available to you please visit our website or contact us at

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