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Jan 21 2020

Barchart APIs for Economic Data

Barchart's Economic Data APIs provide access to our ever-growing database of the world's most essential commodity statistics and economic indicators. With in-depth coverage of the data that matters, we keep users informed and simplify their workflows. Sources include USDA, CFTC, BEA, BLS, US Census, Energy Information Administration, Bureau of Labor Statistics, Eurostats, StatsCan, and more.

What Economic Data APIs does Barchart offer?


The getCmdtyStats API is used to request information on various fundamentals, commodity statistics, and economic data. Users can request information by data series with historical information available through inception for most series.


The getBLSIndexes API provides historical price data for our cmdty BLS Commodity Price Index Family. The cmdty BLS Commodity Price Indexes measure price movements of 22 basic commodities whose markets are among the first to be influenced by changes in economic conditions. Sub-indices for major asset classes, including Metals, Textiles, Raw Materials, Livestock, Foodstuffs, Fats, and Oils are calculated. View our methodology for the cmdtyBLSIndexes here.


The getCmdtyCalendar API provides the latest updates of US economic activity and commodity trading events, including previous, revised, and actual values, updated 3 times a day. Users can request calendar events for their desired period, and filter the output via various methods - category, importance, event country, and event symbol.

Who benefits from Barchart’s Economic Data APIs?

Professional Traders

Economic indicators can impact how well a traders portfolio performs. For example, the unemployment rate is a measurement of the strength and development of a country's workforce and economy. Every month the U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics (BLS) produces Current Employment Statistics (CES) for the detailed industry estimates of nonfarm employment, hours, and earnings of workers on payrolls in the US, and is further categorized by geographic areas and regions. The unemployment rate that is provided by this report is used to help determine the overall health of the economy as well as predict the future levels of economic activity. [1] Below is an example of an API request for the Employment Situation Report, which was found using the cmdtyStats parameter explorer.

Economic Data API Example Request

The Employment Situation Report is one of the many reports that is included in Barchart’s Economic Data APIs. To ensure that their quotes are prepared for future market volatility, Professional Traders must keep track of the latest economic releases.

Software Providers

Integrating digital content and tools into customer applications can drive revenue and increase ROI. Incorporating an economic calendar with the most critical USDA releases and economic events that matter to commodity professionals keeps users engaged and increases the value of the software.

cmdtyView Economic Data Calendar

Asset Managers

Economic indicators allow analysts to assess economies and adjust investment opportunities accordingly. [2] For example, the amount invested in fixed-income securities depends on what the inflation and interest rates are expected to be. The Consumer Price Index (CPI) is used to measure inflation. The Producer Price Index is an indicator of inflation, and because the PPI comes out first, investors can use it to try and predict the upcoming CPI. [3]

Economic Data - Producer Price Index

Through Barchart’s economic data APIs, asset managers can automate the incorporation of economic data and commodity statistics into their global macro strategies.

How else can you access Barchart’s Economic Data?

Our getcmdtyStats and getcmdtyCalendar APIs are built into the cmdtyView® terminal. cmdtyView is our flagship market data and trading platform. With futures execution, physical commodities data, data analytics, and back-office integration natively built into the platform cmdtyView is the only front-end users will ever need.

Featured content includes:

  • Analytics - Advanced charting, including seasonals and forward curves, alerts, and purpose-built analytics such as cost-of-carry and crush calculators to better identify trading opportunities and manage risk.
  • Exchange Data - Global commodity exchange prices from CME Group, ICE, Euronext, and many more are included in the platform. Real-time data is available by subscription.
  • Cash Commodity Data - Barchart’s proprietary cash commodity data is elementized, structured, and made available to users for easy analysis against futures positions.
  • cmdtyStats - A robust database containing global fundamentals on economic data, commodity statistics, and world trade.
  • cmdtyNewswires - Barchart’s proprietary streaming newswire service which provides access to editorial, market chatter, and need-to-know content from the USDA
  • Third-party data integration from accounting, risk and offer management platforms

If you are interested in learning more about Barchart’s Economic Data APIs, please contact us at





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