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Get all the data you need in one place with built-in reliability and seamless integration into your workflow. Our APIs make getting economic data in your product or service simple.

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What Do You Get With an Economic API?

Users of Barchart's economic data get access to our ever-growing database of the world's most important commodity statistics and economic indicators. With deep coverage of the data that matters, we keep users informed and simplify their workflows.

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Metals Data

Economic Statistics

Sources Include: USDA, CFTC, BEA, BLS, US Census, and more

Who Uses Economic Information?

Professional Traders

Know when the latest economic releases are coming out to ensure that your quotes are prepared for upcoming market volatility

Software Providers

Integrate an economic calendar, along with chartable global fundamental information that is sure to engage your users

Asset Managers

Automate the incorporation economic data and commodity statistics into your global macro strategies

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