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Access the only economic calendar purpose-built for commodity markets - powered by cmdtyStats and available for your applications

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Get access to our simple to use API for integration into your products and services. Use our calendar for customer applications or internally for commodity trading purposes.

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Built into cmdtyView, easily chart and analyze the most important USDA releases and economic events that matter to commodity professionals - access anywhere and at any time

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Powered by cmdtyStats - the leading source for economic data and commodity statistics - our economic calendar is purpose-built for commodities and the needs of our users

Simple to use APIs to deliver data into your application

  • Get our economic calendar and data via simple and dependable APIs
  • Rich metadata for ease of integration
  • Pull cmdtyStats data into your application algonside cmdtyCalendar to present users with rich analytics

Seamless integration into your workflow for pricing and risk

  • Automate the handling of market moving events by using our APIs
  • Purpose-built solutions for commodity professionals ensures our coverage grows with your needs
  • Plans vary to fit your requirements and grow with your firm

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