Input Parameter Explorer

Interact with cmdtyStats quickly and efficiently

Possible Input Parameter Values

Use this tool to identify possible values that can be passed to getCmdtyStatsId – allowing users to interact with cmdtyStats quickly and efficiently.

Step 1. Select search parameters for data series that you are interested in. You may only select one parameter by field. Broader parameters (i.e. Crude Oil vs. Crude Oil > WTI) will return more data. You can also pass the group name as the input parameter to get more data (i.e. USDA > Crop Progress > Corn Condition enable input: Source=‘USDA’ and ‘Crop Progress’).

Example API Request

There are no results to display. Try modifying the categories above.

Step 2. Paste the following URL into your browser or read it into a script in order to get the data you want.


Example API Response: