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Dec 17 2020

CPN Livestream Session Featuring Urner Barry

Yesterday we hosted an exciting CPN Livestream Session featuring Joe Muldowney, CEO of Urner Barry, and Mark Haraburda, CEO of Barchart. The livestream provided attendees with an in-depth look into the cmdty Pricing Network (CPN) and the data being provided by Urner Barry, the leader in price reporting for the poultry, egg, meat, and seafood segments of the food industry. Bob Chudy of Chudy Meat Consulting also joined in on this exclusive webinar. Don’t worry if you weren’t able to attend - we’ll fill you in now!

Mark started the webinar with a quick overview of the CPN network, which is designed to increase transparency in global commodity markets by facilitating access to global commodity prices from leading brokerages and traders of physical commodities. He then passed it over to Joe and Bob who both gave an overview of their experience within the industry. Joe then took over to tell us about Urner Barry, the markets they cover, their role within the protein value chain, the data they provide, and their plan for growth in 2021. Bob then filled us in on how his consulting firm Chudy Meat Consulting came to be and how his expertise helps the marketplace.

Mark then handed it back over to Joe to let us know the different segments within the protein market that Urner Barry covers including egg products, chicken, turkey, beef, pork, lamb, veal, seafood, and more recently, plant protein. He then described the difference between the proten pricing that reflects both wholesale and imported products. Mark then asked Bob to explain how the beef market has changed over the years, how it has grown, where the market is evolving, and the whole historical timeline of the development of the market over the past few decades - which he did in a detailed manner. 

After that, Joe told us about Urner Barry’s history, which dates back to 1858, and what exactly has enabled their growth. Bob then jumped in to talk about the current state of the beef market, where beef prices are at, the impact of the holidays, the effects of the pandemic, and a forecast for the future. Through this, Bob referenced Urner Barry’s prices and explained that he turns to Urner Barry’s data to make sure he won’t be blind sided by the market - and that he can always rely on Urner Barry.

Since Bob gave us an up-to-date view of the beef market, Mark also wanted us to receive an overview of the poultry market as well as other meats that Bob didn’t mention - so Joe took over to get us up to speed as well as fill us in on what he’s seen in the past year. Since Bob talked about the different use cases that he uses Urner Barry for, Mark wanted Joe to tell us more about the different categories of clients that use Urner Barry’s data.

Mark then took over to take us over to Urner Barry’s pages that are built in to our cmdty website to show us some of their data and explained that because they are a part of the CPN, their prices are not only available on, but also available through cmdtyView Pro, cmdtyView Excel, or through an enterprise API data solution alongside our extensive data catalog. Mark then took us through cmdtyView and showed us how to access and analyze Urner Barry’s data.

This recap only scratches the surface of the information and expertise that was shared in this webinar, so be sure to watch the whole thing here! To learn more about the data available from Urner Barry, please visit our website. Sign up for product updates here to stay in the loop on upcoming CPN webinars!

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