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Mar 21 2023

Barchart’s Grain Solutions Team Drives Agribusiness Workflow Growth!

It’s an exciting day at Barchart…we just announced that we’ve expanded our grain solutions team! We hired Mark O’Riley, who will oversee the strategy and product development of Barchart’s grain merchandising solutions; Cody Gerlach, who will work hands-on with Barchart’s clients utilizing offer management and hedging solutions; and Darcie Gallagher, who will work with country grain elevators to bring them successful solutions for managing producer relationships. 

Why did we feel the need to expand our team? We’ve seen major growth within the grain industry through technology, and it’s not stopping any time soon! We’ve remained a leading provider of workflow solutions for agribusinesses and other buyers of grain, and we’re not stopping any time soon, either. We’ve hired more industry experts so we can continue delivering solutions to our clients that improve market intel, producer relationships, and merchandising efficiency.

Want to learn more about how we’re doing this? We’ll break it down for you…

cmdtyView - Our best-in-class commodity trading and analytics platform, cmdtyView provides market intelligence, analysis, and the most comprehensive suite of agribusiness solutions to grow their business. cmdtyView not only allows users to access cash grain prices, futures execution, and advanced analytics, but is also where they go to manage offers, place hedges, issue contracts, and manage customer relationships - all in one place.

Marketplace Desktop - Barchart’s all-new online grower portal service allows agribusinesses to connect more effectively with growers and streamline grain trading workflows. Each portal is customized for the agribusiness with its own branding, private grower access, and data, and is included with a license to Barchart's award-winning Marketplace Apps.

Marketplace Apps - Barchart’s award-winning Marketplace Apps provide customer relationship management and digitize the buying and selling of grain by giving growers easy access to their grain sales data. Each Marketplace app connects directly to the agribusiness’ ERP system - allowing producers to see their contracts and scale tickets in these agribusiness mobile apps, and new grain contracts and hedges to flow directly into the ERP system - all right at their fingertips.

cmdtyView Hedge - cmdtyView Hedge is an automated hedging portal for grain merchandising that alleviates the risks associated with cash transactions between producers and merchandisers. In addition to auto-adjusting hedge orders, cmdtyView Hedge also provides a tracking mechanism whereby the elevator can view their current futures and cash positions across different commodities, expirations, and delivery dates. 

Barchart already connects producers and grain buyers by linking producer-facing apps to cmdtyView - the addition of cmdtyView Hedge unlocks more efficiency by allowing users to hedge and trade a bushel automatically


eSign Providing a completely digital workflow for grain contracting between grain buyers and producers, eSign enables grain buyers to issue paperless grain sale contracts, digitally accept offers for grain, chat with farmers in real time, and view and manage producer data through the broadest ERP connectivity on the market.


As you can see, Barchart has an arsenal of grain solutions ready for agribusinesses to leverage so they can get on board with where the future of grain is headed. And we’re excited to improve, enhance, and grow our offering even further with the help of our growing team! To learn more about Barchart’s agribusiness solutions, visit our website or contact us today to get started!

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