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Barchart Accelerates Digitization of US Agriculture with eSign for Grain Contracts

CHICAGO, IL - June 3, 2021 - Barchart, a leading provider of data, tools, and software to America’s agribusinesses, furthers its support for US agriculture through the release of eSign  - providing a completely digital workflow for grain contracting between grain buyers and producers.

With a network of digitally connected agribusinesses representing more than 500 grain buying companies and over 3,000 individual grain elevators, the introduction of digital signatures in Barchart’s elevator-branded apps will support farmers and grain merchandisers across the country.  This innovation, combined with Barchart’s best-in-class connectivity for farm-level data such as contracts and scale tickets, allows for digital transformation at any agribusiness.

“Every innovation we release to our agribusiness clients must deliver on three things: 1) make their business more efficient, 2) secure their data, and 3) do so in a manner that supports the growth of US agriculture,” said Barchart CEO Mark Haraburda.  “eSign aligns with these core values, is the natural next step in the evolution of our agribusiness workflow tools, and through our reach, will drive the digitization of American agriculture.”

eSign connects cmdtyView, Barchart’s desktop and mobile platform for grain merchandisers, with Barchart’s elevator-branded apps, and now enables grain buyers to issue paperless grain sale contracts, digitally accept offers for grain, chat with farmers in real-time, and view and manage producer data through the broadest ERP connectivity on the market.

“Our agribusiness clients are smart.  They see where the market is going and demand constant innovation from us to help make their business more efficient.  With the introduction of eSign, we are taking our service to the next level, and doing so as a committed partner to their business,” added Michael Browne, Head of Commodities at Barchart.

As a leading provider of data, digital, and workflow solutions to the agribusiness community, Barchart is committed to providing tools that make grain buying and selling easier than ever before.  With elevator-branded Marketplace apps, best-in-class commodity analytics, and the broadest agriculture content ecosystem available, Barchart provides grain buyers with the most comprehensive suite of agribusiness solutions to grow their business.

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